June 2005

News : iPod goodness!

 Wednesday, June 29th 2005, 1:57 pm

iPod Photo 30GB
I’ve been meaning to pick one of these up for a while and eventually I did it. I bought myself a 30GB iPod Photo (…or just iPod as they’ve now decided to call it). It’s great!

It took me a while to upload the CDs and mixes I had ripped on my computer but it was worth it. I’m just learning how to use iTunes now but I’m getting there.

It works in a different way to any other media player I’ve used but hopefully I’ll have my MP3s fully tagged up in a week or two. Then I need to rip the rest of my CDs and all of my vinyl that I want! That’s going to take a while…

I’m looking forward to listening to all of my music while on the plane at the weekend for the very special gig that I’m doing in Bad Homburg. I’ll tell you more about that in a while.

News : At last…the mixes are here!

 Tuesday, June 28th 2005, 10:35 pm

Yes! Can you believe it? I’ve finally put the mixes online!

(in case you can’t see the link on the right).

I’ve put one new mix from September 1993 and the two mixes that were on the old website.
I’ll put a new mix on the site every month (or maybe every couple of weeks if you are lucky).

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Bodo who has supplied the webspace and bandwidth. Without him you’d still be waiting for the mixes! Thanks again Bodo! I’ll buy you a jaegermeister or two when I next see you.

I hope you enjoy them. Why not let me know what you think of the new mix in the comments section below.

News : Mix track listings

 Monday, June 27th 2005, 10:01 am

I thought that you might want to know what’s on each mix so I’ll be posting the tracklistings of each one. The new mixes should be easier as I’ve got the tracks written down but I might have fun trying to remember some of the tracks on the older mixes. My memory doesn’t go much past last week let alone 12 years ago!!

Charts : Chart: 26/06/05

 Monday, June 27th 2005, 9:19 am
  1. Axwell – Feel The Vibe – (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix) – Data
  2. Kaskade – Steppin’ Out – (Soul Avengerz Club Mix) – Art & Craft
  3. Lil’ Love – Little Love – (Soul Avengerz Mix) – Positiva
  4. Tony Di Bart – I Live For You – (Doc Phatt’s Lo-On Mix) – Purple City
  5. Steve Mac – That Big Track – CR2
  6. Risskov Bandits – Reflections – (Morjac Mix) – Montana
  7. Paul Johnson – She Got Me On – (Eric Kupper Mix) – Data
  8. Anthony Acid – Sweat – CR2
  9. Nate James – Universal – (Kings Of Soul Mix) – 0neTwo Records
  10. Moby – Raining Again – (Steve Angello Mix) – Mute
  11. Bob Sinclar – Love Generation – Yellow
  12. 38th Street – Funk Brother – Street
  13. Soul Avengerz – Makes Me Feel Like Singing – Soda
  14. Soul Seekerz – The Electric Shock 2005 – Instinct
  15. Armand Van Helden – Into Your Eyes – Southern Fried Records
  16. Uniting Nations – You & Me – (Bimbo Jones Dub) – Gusto
  17. Cazzz – Living On The Beach – (DJ Bomba & J Paolo Mix) – Bulletproof
  18. Deep Dish – Say Hello – (Angello & Ingrosso Remix) – Positiva
  19. Morcheeba – Lighten Up – (Solasso Mix) – Echo
  20. Saturday – Saturday – (Morjac Clubdub Mix) – Montana Entertainment

News : RSS Feed

 Saturday, June 25th 2005, 2:16 pm

Just in case any of you are geeky I’ve now added an RSS feed. That means that you’ll be able to point your RSS aggregator to the following link and you’ll get notified when I update.

News : Mini Vuish x 2

 Saturday, June 25th 2005, 10:00 am

DJ Vuish wanted me to let you know that you can see pictures of his two gorgeous babies, Joseph and Liam, online. Have a look HERE if you want to see them.

Both Vuish, his wife and the children are all doing well. The kids are massive now even though they’re only about 10 weeks old!

News : Mixes

 Friday, June 24th 2005, 4:23 pm

Most of you will have got my email by now but if you haven’t then it’s because I haven’t got your email address. So what have you all got to do? SUBSCRIBE to my new mailing list. It’ll mean that I’ll easily be able to contact you from now on. Oh the joys of having a new web-based administration interface to the website! 😉

The “Tasty Acid Mix” from September 1993 should be online on Sunday night providing that my hangover isn’t too bad. I’m going away for the weekend to help celebrate the imminent wedding of my good friends Mike and Amanda. So it’s Mike’s stag weekend (Junggesellenabend oder Junggesellenwochenende?) and the guys and I are off to Sheffield to help him to celebrate with a very British tradition. Drinking heavily and eating curry! Hopefully we’ll be ok tomorrow for some scary high rope climbing and then we can continue to eat, drink and party on Saturday night. So if the mixes don’t appear on Saturday night then it’s because we are all still drunk! Send me an email to remind me if it isn’t online but speak quietly as my head will be hurting!

DJ Dates : Loft Club 23rd July, 2005

 Wednesday, June 22nd 2005, 1:26 pm

Here’s another date for your diary:

Saturday 23rd July, 2006
Loft Club

I’ll be back in my favourite club in Germany. I know you guys are ready to party so I’ll see you there. I’ll be helped along the way by Mr. Alex Harmony and hopefully we will make your legs fall off with all of the tunes that we’ll be playing!

See you there…

Charts : Chart: 19/06/2005

 Wednesday, June 22nd 2005, 7:50 am
  1. Bananarama – Move In My Direction – (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Dub) – A&G Records
  2. Uniting Nations – You & Me – (Bimbo Jones Dub) – Gusto
  3. Cazzz – Living On The Beach – (DJ Bomba & J Paolo Mix) – Bulletproof
  4. Lil’ Love – Little Love – (Soul Avengerz Mix) – Positiva
  5. Morcheeba – Lighten Up – (Solasso Mix) – Echo
  6. Saturday – Saturday – (Morjac Clubdub Mix) – Montana Entertainment
  7. Deep Dish – Say Hello – (Angello & Ingrosso Remix) – Positiva
  8. Soul Seekerz – Turn Me Upside Down – AATW
  9. Chantal Chamandy – You Want Me – (Lee Cabrera Dub) – Ninemuse
  10. L.O.B. – Crockett’s Theme – (Linus Loves Mix) – Nebula
  11. Aaron Smith – Dancin’ – (Steve Smooth & JJ Flores Mix) – Boss
  12. Patrick Alavi – Power – Azuli Silver
  13. Axwell – Feel The Vibe – (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix) – Data
  14. Holy Ghost – Superman – Adhesive
  15. Kaskade – Steppin’ Out – (Soul Avengerz Club Mix) – Art & Craft
  16. The Disco Brothers – Time Still Drifts Away – (Soul Seekerz Vocal Remix) – Nebula
  17. Fannypack – Nu nu yeah yeah – (Moto Blanco Mix) – Gut
  18. Digital Dogs – Clothes Off – (Paul Roberts Mix) – Boss
  19. Alex Gold – Better Dayz – Xtravaganza
  20. Jupiter Ace – 1000 Years – (Richard F Remix) – Manifesto

News : The renegade master is back…

 Wednesday, June 22nd 2005, 7:36 am

Finally, I’m back online again. It’s been a while hasn’t it?

So where have I been? What have I been doing? Why aren’t those mixes online that you promised us about a month ago?