News : Mixes

 Friday, June 24th 2005, 4:23 pm

Most of you will have got my email by now but if you haven’t then it’s because I haven’t got your email address. So what have you all got to do? SUBSCRIBE to my new mailing list. It’ll mean that I’ll easily be able to contact you from now on. Oh the joys of having a new web-based administration interface to the website! 😉

The “Tasty Acid Mix” from September 1993 should be online on Sunday night providing that my hangover isn’t too bad. I’m going away for the weekend to help celebrate the imminent wedding of my good friends Mike and Amanda. So it’s Mike’s stag weekend (Junggesellenabend oder Junggesellenwochenende?) and the guys and I are off to Sheffield to help him to celebrate with a very British tradition. Drinking heavily and eating curry! Hopefully we’ll be ok tomorrow for some scary high rope climbing and then we can continue to eat, drink and party on Saturday night. So if the mixes don’t appear on Saturday night then it’s because we are all still drunk! Send me an email to remind me if it isn’t online but speak quietly as my head will be hurting!

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