News : Saturday night @ Loft Club

 Tuesday, July 26th 2005, 11:30 am

A big thank you to all of the people who turned up at the Loft Club on Saturday. We had a strange night didn’t we?

I’m really sorry about the interruption in the middle of the night when the stripper came on stage. I don’t really know what happened there but Alex was told to turn off the music and play a CD that the guy had brought. I just hope that the bride-to-be enjoyed herself as most people I spoke to didn’t enjoy it! It really is one of the maddest things that has ever happened to me while I have been DJ’ing. But still it meant I could go for a drink at the bar!

Costa has taken some great photos from the night and you can find them here:
Pictures from

And also some from Markus (I think!) here:
Pictures from Sub-Culture

Anyway, a good night was had by all in the end and I hope you don’t think that I will always be DJ’ing with strippers from now on! Maybe Alex, Simone and I will strip for you next time instead… 😉

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  1. i don’t think, that anybody of the guests will see myself stripping at LOFT 😉 haha

  2. But you said that you would love to strip for the Loft party people Alex…! 😉

  3. haha … i didn’t !!
    come on … wasn’t the strip show from luke before u went to bed not enough ? 😉

  4. He doesn’t last for 4 hours though Alex! Hehe!

  5. Come on Alex !
    Why not ?? I think that your Strip will be funnier for us than the one last Saturday !

  6. Hey Alex, don’t panic
    the ladies would like to see you!
    I vote for you!!

  7. As long as the tunes are big, you can do what you want Alex 🙂

  8. …well…i think nothing can get as disgusting as the “police-buddy”…so what! By the way, Marc how can you change clothes so slippy? *haha*
    take care & be good


  9. Come on Alex…… lets do it!

    Maybe Simone can strip next time, too 😉
    But, please, please no more cops!!!

  10. haha …
    Ladies and Gentlemens … i have not the body to strip at the LOFT 😉 hehe …
    but i will do it with DJ Cruze together 😉 … if he want to ….

    but i think i’m a little bit better at deejaying than as a stripper … and i know, that Marc and myself will try to rock you all at the 1st of october ! 🙂

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