News : Manchester House vs. New House

 Wednesday, July 27th 2005, 11:41 am

I have been having a long hard think about the music that we played at the Loft on Saturday night and I wanted to talk to you guys about it. So here is the question:

Do you prefer old school “Manchester House” or would you do you like new (or recent) house music?

I’ll be honest and say “I like to play new and recent tunes” and get people excited about new music. It’s good to expose people to new music that they haven’t heard before but I am a DJ who likes to party so I also like to play songs that will make you dance. Otherwise there is no point in DJ’ing if no-one is dancing!

My idea is to have two different nights at the Loft if we can make it happen. The first night is “Magic Manchester” and we can have new music with one or two old tunes thrown in but not all night. Then the second night would be an old school night where we play old music all night. I think this is better because you then know what to expect.

So what do you think? Would you prefer it that way?
Post some comments below and tell me what you think. Or maybe I’ll put a poll up on the site and you can tell me that way instead…

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  1. Your Idea is great !
    Oldshool …yes everytime, everywhere, I´ll be there !! But for regular partys i like the way you do. New tunes and older ones just in one Set
    Gruss Stefan

  2. I don’t see the point in splitting. IMO, the mixture should be 95% new stuff and 5% oldskool. A good track is a good track because it’s a good track, not because it’s new, innit? It has worked quite nice to play some old tracks in the last hour, though.
    But I absolutely get your point. I’ve been spinning hardcore for quite a while and I won’t even look at “Sweet Harmony” anymore…
    Then again, there are gems like Congress’ “40 Miles” or Electric Choc’s “Shock The Beat (Quadrant Mix)” which not many people even know nowadays and will cause such a floor madness… I don’t know.

    Keep it up and maybe do one oldskool party a year around x-mas, how about that? 😉

  3. Hi Marc,

    first: it was a great night!!! Thanks!
    I think an oldskool night would be a great idea (let me know when…) if its about 2 or 3 times a year. But generaly I would like to here new and old tunes in a set. There r many good old tunes u can play in a modern set as well (maybe a bit more than 5%)…
    Rock da house and make us put the hands up in da air, smile n sreeeem 🙂

    Gruss Hanjo

  4. Hi Marc,

    It’s a great idea to make an oldskool night ( when it is ??) but normaly I prefear to have both – new and oldskool- in one set…
    By the way: thanks again for the great night in the Loft!!!!
    Yours Nicole

  5. Hy Marc,
    what´s the point ? It´s better 4 the folks to know what kind of music is playing, but a great Dj like You should know what to play, Oldscool , Newscool, Deep , Hard … Manchster … etc. I was there years ago and You rocked 3000 people, with all you had ! So don´t think to much about it and take it easy ! But for a Dj and a Club it´s better to have different night´s with changing music-styles. So long and C U soon .

  6. Yo;

    Good question indeed. My experience has been that a few old tunes in a predominantly “nu/new/nieuw-skool” set can be very uplifting and fill the dancefloor due to the familiarity and nostalgic value of classic tunes, but I would draw the line at having a whole set of old-skool tunes played at a night where there is also new stuff; that just confuses people. Too much old-skool should be reserved for a separate night, or a second floor. If not, throw in a few here and there so long as they fit. If you do make a separate old-skool night, make it a special occasion, 3 times a year is too much. Mannheim has seen old-skool-breakbeat nights come and go. My opinion of oldskool is “it’s not special any more if you hear it too often.” I’d have to agree with Dom’s post on that one. Keep it special, keep ’em hungry. Peas.

  7. Well, Manchester house is quite established in that area, but you should set yourself up as an Ambassador of Sounds, so to speak. Introduce us here in Germany to what is hot & happening in the UK…it doesn’t always get played here. How about a few dates in Berlin?

  8. Wow! It’s hotting up on this thread isn’t it? 😉
    Yeah, Berlin would be good. You know I’d like to come and see you too Miss Tery! Wonder who that is???!

    I’ll write another post about the whole Manchester House thing now I’m back.