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 Thursday, August 11th 2005, 6:00 pm

Sorry that I haven’t updated the site in a couple of weeks. I’ve been away on holiday in Fuertaventuara for a week. It’s a lovely island but it’s a bit too English now. When I go on holiday I like to check out the culture and eat the local food. I don’t expect to drink myself stupid everynight and eat a full English breakfast every morning! Perhaps I’m just getting old!

I also went to The Big Chill festival and had an amazing time! I’m a festival virgin so I didn’t know what to expect but we had a lot of fun. The only unfortunate experience was getting our digital camera stolen on the first night! 🙁 Some of our friends also had money stolen from their tents as did a lot of people in the tents around us. It’s sad that gangs of criminals have realised they can make a lot of money at festivals. I guess that’s what happens when festivals get bigger and more people find out about them.

Anyway, the music was great. There were lots of DJs and artists and it was nice to see a real diversity in them all. Everything from chill-out/ambient through reggae, folk, hip-hop, indie through to drum and bass was represented. Some acts/DJs that you should try and see if you haven’t already:

  • Norman Jay – This man is awesome! Classic tunes from old funk and soul up to funky house and drum and bass.
  • London Elektricity – Live and funky drum and bass from Tony Colman and crew. Massive! And their jungle drummer is amazing. Live drumming at drum and bass speeds! Check their tour blog here.
  • The Nextmen – Phat hip-hop from two guys from London. It’s rare that UK hip-hop sounds so good and doesn’t feel the need to imitate US hip-hop. They finished their set by playing “The Clapping Song” by Shirley Ellis! If you know the tune then you’ll know it’s funny but it just worked when we were out in the sun drinking Red Stripe.
  • Tortured Soul – Nice live house music.
  • Youngblood Brass Band – These guys were fantastic. I didn’t catch all of their set but they were a funky brass band with MCs rapping over the tunes.
  • And loads more…

I’ll write another post soon to answer all of your comments about the “Manchester House” vs new house thread. Thanks to everyone who commented or mailed me about it.

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