News : Loads of mixes to upload

 Thursday, September 8th 2005, 5:45 pm

I’ll bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been again haven’t you? I’ve mainly been busy going to lots of weddings and drinking lots of alcohol.

“That’s the same as always though Mr. Cruze isn’t it?” I hear you say!

Well, ok. Yes it is!

Lots of DJ Cruze mixes!Well here is the other thing that I’ve been doing. I’ve been sorting out my old cassettes and flyers so I can put them online for you all! Look at that big box of tapes! I’ve got at least 100 mixes from DJ Cruze, DJ Vuish and loads of the old DJs that used to come to Vibration with use. Remember Ian Richie? Curly? Big Danny? Mark Currie? I’ve got mixes from all of them! But mainly you’ll be able to download loads of mixes from me and Vuish.

As I said, I’ve also been making some changes under the hood of the website to make sure it’s easier for you guys to download stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to get newer site live in the next few weeks. I’ve also got a big plan for something interesting which I’m hoping you’ll all like. Fingers crossed…! 😉

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  1. If this (upload of old vibration tapes in good quality) is really going to happen Marc, then you ll make us all happy. Appreciate your engagement. That’s what we all dreamed about! You are the best Marc! Remember the Vibration times at Forst.


  2. Can’t wait to listen to your old mixes collection. I will keep hitting F5 until they are up. Thank you so much Marc.


  3. …I would walk/swim/walk to Manchester in order to get some copies! Years of memories on tape, simply priceless. I LOVE THIS PICTURE.

  4. I think I’ll have to ask the old Vibration Crew for some recommendations or requests, seeing as I’ve lost most of the old tapes I had. Big not-worthy-bow for having kept them! There’s a few which I remember vividly to this day, despite not having heard them for almost 10 years… mostly from 94 to 97… both yours and Vuish’s…

    Bring it on & thanks mate…