DJ Dates : Loft Club, 7th January 2006

 Tuesday, October 18th 2005, 9:00 am

Neujahrsempfang @ The Loft Club
Saturday 7th January 2006

This is becoming a yearly gig for me at Loft. I’ll be helping you all to welcome the new year at the Loft Club in Ludwigshafen. Last year’s gig was amazing so make sure you reserve your tickets in advance.

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  1. Hi Marc,

    SOHO was a great party. CU in Loft on 7th January. Don´t forget “Toni di Bart”. Vibration Crew is back…..


  2. Cheers SilverFox

    I am looking forward to the next party with you.
    I will be the next weekend snowboarding with chris.
    We already hae 70cm snow and it is still snowing!

    Rock on’

  3. Hi Marc,
    please remember the Forst times. Vibration crew loves you!

    Luv u

  4. Looking forward to see you guys on saturday.
    I will pick you up @ the airport.
    Please send me your flight details