Podcasts : Episode #5 – Night Life

 Wednesday, November 23rd 2005, 8:05 am

Now what we’re going to do right here is go back…way back! Back to the mid-90s when ravers had long hair and the drugs were better! 😉

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Podcast #5 is here featuring my good friend and old DJ’ing partner DJ Vuish. It features my first guest interview and an old school mix from the man himself. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is the tracklisting for this week’s show:

  • DJ Cruze exclusive:
  • Top 10 rundown:
    • Meck – Thunder In My Heart – CDR
    • Aaron Smith featuring Luvli – Dancin’ – Boss Records
  • Interview and retro mix with DJ Vuish:
    • Kim English – Night Life (Big Bump Mix) – Hi Life (1994)
    • The Flavour – No Matter What You Do (I’m Gonna Get With U) (The Corporation Express Dub Mix) – U-Bahn Records (1993)
    • Coldcut – Feeling Strong (Well Hung Parliament Adventure) – Arista (1993)
    • Tanya Louise – Deep In You (Stone club mix) – UMM (1996)
    • 70s Age – Reach For The Sky (Grant Nelson’s club mix) – Evoke (1998)
    • Jocelyn Brown – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Dronez Mix) – White (1998)

As always I love to hear your feed back on the show. Contact me using the form provided and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you’re an up and coming producer and you’d like to get some exposure on the show then make sure you get in touch and we’ll arrange to get your tunes on the show.

10 comments about this post

  1. Hy Marc !
    Big bigger Podcast ! I think that this Podcast is the best because of no other DJ matches your sound like DJ Vuish !
    So we all hope that he will return to rock our party´s again !
    I like that Who’s Watching? Tune the Vocal is big and the bass is really nice ! Sorry that i can´t come to Soho …. but i need to see Nicole in Licoln ! What do you think shall we meet in Manchester …. ?? We (Nicole+me) will rent a car so we can meet you in Manchester if you want !? So if you want you can give us a guided tour through Manchester.
    A big thank you again for the best idea with the Podcast´s — great !
    Nicole and I have a special request for the Neujahrsempfang @ The Loft Club: Royksopp – What Else Is There? And maybee some older Tunes like the ones Marc played ??
    So THX again !
    We see (maybee in Manchester) or in Loft club @ the Neujahrsempfang !!
    Stefan (and Nicole of course )

  2. Pah! Cweeza has deliberately sabotaged my mix because he was scared that I might trump him…why I oughta! Only joking! Not listened to it but I bet it sounds fine…well, apart from the ropey mixing…

  3. You’re damn right I have. I can’t have my DJ’ing apprentice being better than me! 😉

    Download it tonight mate and check out your DJ’ing goodness.

  4. Hey Marc/k,

    nice to have the both of you back 🙂
    I like the new podcast, really nice tracks!
    I think Cruze deliberately put the volume of Vuish’s mic down, huh? 😉 I didn’t understand his all-time fav track 🙁

    Speak soon 🙂

  5. Hey Dom – the tracks were ‘Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Boys Own Mix)’+ Kim English ‘Night Life’ which appears on the podcast – this will be played at Loft on January 7th!
    As you can see Cruze, I have been really busy at work today!
    Do I have to be geeky and add funny faces to my messages?

  6. So you didn’t mention the special date then you fool?

  7. Great Armin van Buuren track, haven’t heard it before, but it rocks, he must be number one of the world, instead of Paul van Dyk…

  8. He’s normally a bit too trancey for me but I like this house remix. Sounds like Todd Terry’s mix of Everything But The Girl’s “Missing”. Nice soulful mix.

  9. Oops – I forgot about that message! Soz mate…don’t worry – not everyone will have seen it as its tucked away in comments section. Go ahead with yer announcement as planned – will look good! It is menioned on the Loft site already…

  10. Greetings from Finland.
    Truly amazing set. *Applause*. Looking forward hearing more, aye.