News : Podcast technical difficulties

 Wednesday, November 23rd 2005, 12:13 pm

You’ve probably seen that the new podcast is online but I think there are some problems with my turntables! In DJ Vuish’s mix there seems to be one turntable which is mainly coming out of the left speaker so it might sound a bit weird in your headphones. Sorry about that! Normal service will resume for the next show once I work out what the problem is. I hope it’s not ruined your enjoyment of the show.

Hope you enjoyed the retro mix as I know that Vuish did. I’ve got some more guest mixes planned but I’ll only do them every few weeks as they take up most of the show. Guest mixes will hopefully include a broken-beats mix from my good friend Matthew over at A+E and also a quality house mix from Andrew Daniels who is one of the Hed Kandi DJs. That’s if he’s got enough time after jetting off around the world and promoting his new tune.

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