News : Teledisko, 2nd December 2005

 Wednesday, November 23rd 2005, 1:23 pm

Teledisko Manchester House Special

So who’s coming to the Teledisko gig in Mannheim then? I’m really looking forward to this gig as the Teledisko parties always rock.

Teledisko Manchester House Special

It’ll be me, Alex Harmony and Luke45 spinning the tunes so be prepared to get hot!

It’s only 5 Euros to get in and you’ll get to party hard. I’ll be playing lots of new stuff that you’ve heard on the podcast and plenty of old “Manchester House” tunes for the Vibration crew!

Drop me an email if you’re going to be there and come and say “hi” to me. It’s always nice to meet new and old people.

See you there…

And I promise I’ll play Royksopp – “What Else Is There?”. 😉

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  1. Dj Cruze live on wfm radio friday djsinthemix,”with rhythm” manchester is back.

    [edit by DJ Cruze] – I’m not live in the mix. He’s going to play an old mix of mine I think.

  2. GMT 9 till 12 friday respect to the cruze and all are liseners

  3. Oh dear… OH DEAR! 🙂