News : DJ Vuish in the Loft Club

 Wednesday, December 7th 2005, 10:00 pm

I’ve been asked this question many times since we announced that DJ Vuish will be returning to DJ’ing in Germany:

Is DJ Vuish going to turn up this time?

The answer is most definitely:


The other times he hasn’t turned up when flyers have said he was going to were either:

  • False advertising on flyers for clubs. I hate it when this happens. People seem to think they can use the “Cruze & Vuish” name to try and get more people to come to club when only I was ever booked.
  • Unforseen circumstances. Unfortunately some bad things happened to Mr. Vuish and he had to cancel a gig or two.

This time he will be in the Loft Club. He has definitely booked the flights. He has definitely got some tunes. He is definitely getting ready to party. He is definitely a handsome beast. Ooops, Freudian slip…

So be there on 7th January 2006 and party with us both!

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  1. why thangyaw Mr Cruze…yes I am indeed cumming and I have already started selecting some tasty old classics that will raise the roof. Abfahren? G’schisse zu? I think so. Mr Boogie Woogie is alive and well and ready for the second coming!

  2. Ah Mr. Vuish. Your PC is working again. Alles klar!
    Let’s party like it’s 1999 again. I’m Prince and you’re the Revolutions.

  3. Dazu gibt´s nur eins Abfahre !!!
    Can´t wait to hear Vuish´s set !
    The first round Jägermeister is on me

  4. Awesome!
    There is going to be plenty of Jägermeister drunk on that weekend I think.

  5. Das kannst Du aber laut sagen !
    Wir ham allen Grund dazu …
    Denke ich !

  6. C U on Jan 😉 can´t wait till then … I´m very excited

  7. Party on! Vibration Crew will be there!

    Can’t wait!