December 2005

News : Louder

 Sunday, December 4th 2005, 10:46 pm

Soho party people!

A big thank you to everyone who came to Soho in Mannheim on Friday night. Did we have an amazing party or what?

Luke45 and I rocked the party and from all the screaming of “Louder!” that we heard I think that you enjoyed yourselves. We managed to turn it up a bit too loud towards the end though didn’t we? Hopefully the amplifier has recovered since then.

So who were the guys who shouted “Louder” all night? Get in touch with me and say “hi”. You guys know how to party hard!

Big tunes of the night for me were:

  • Royksopp – What Else Is There? (Thin White Duke Mix)
  • The Source – You Got The Love (Shapeshifters Mix)
  • Rasmus Faber – Get Over Here (Axwell Mix)
  • Exhibit A – G Minor
  • DJ Flex and Sandy Wilhelm – Burning Love
  • Jan Francisco – Infatuation (Dub)
  • Moby – Raining Again (Steve Angello Mix)

All awesome tunes I’m sure you’ll agree!

DJ Cruze in deep concentration!

All of the party pictures come courtesy of my main men Klaus (SubCulture) and Kosta (N8Scout) and you can check them out here: party pictures
SubCulture party pictures

Big thanks to Skyblaze and Luke45 for picking me up from the airport, filling me with Erdbeerlimes and Glühwein and then making me party all weekend. Thanks guys! Also, a big thanks to all of the SubCulture crew who turned up to support the party. Hi to Thorsten, Dom (…it’s been a long time!), Markus, Andreas, Alicija and anyone else I have forgotten. You guys rock!