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 Monday, January 2nd 2006, 9:58 am

Dam square, Amsterdam on NYE 2005
Happy New Year everybody!

I’m back from the rain and snow in Amsterdam and ready to start rocking in 2006! We had a fantastic time over there and enjoyed 4 or 5 inches of snow on Friday night which made it feel lovely and Christmassy! The people of Amsterdam are so friendly and they really know how to party. We ended up in Dam square on New Year’s Eve and the atmosphere was crazy. Loads of people with bottles of champagne and millions of fireworks going off. After the countdown we wandered through Chinatown and saw loads of impromptu firework displays in the street. I’ve never heard so many firecrackers going off. Good times!

So what’s the new year going to hold for you then? I’m looking forward to working hard on the site and in the studio to give you lots of new material to read and listen to. Even more than last year I think that 2006 will become the year of digital downloads. I’ve been downloading more and more of my tunes from dance music download stores than ever before. A lot of these sites have promos on there a long time before you can get hold of a vinyl or CDR copy of it. Sites worth checking are:

  • 3 Beat Digital – Liverpool’s 3 Beat Records have just gone online with their new digital site. I haven’t used it yet but the interface is looking good.
  • Beatport – This is a great download site. Lots of new tunes to choose from and a varied selection of dance genres.
  • DJ Download – The UK’s DJ Magazine got in on the digital download act about a year ago and they have a nicely priced selection of undergorund tracks.
  • Traxsource – A huge selection of labels and tunes. This is the site I like to use most often. All of the latest promos from your favourite labels appear on here. A fantastic site!
  • Xpressbeats – I’ve not used Xpressbeats yet but they have an excellent track record. It’s run by the guys who run CD Pool – a DJ promo service. This means you’ll get the latest tunes from them first.
  • Karma Download – This is something I just stumbled across while trying to find an old tune that I wanted. Seems to be a great site for new tunes. I thought it was just a normal indie/rock site but it seems to have loads of dance downloads. Check it out!

So get ready for a dance music revolution in 2006. I’m hoping to be there too as I’ve got loads of tunes planned for release. I’m currently working on a remix and hopefully I’ll get it into one of the podcasts before the end of the month. It’s going to be hot year!

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  1. spme good links there thank you mate! cant wait for ya new podcast soon should be good cant wait to hear ya remix should be sweet as!
    keep it safe