News : Loft Madness

 Monday, January 9th 2006, 12:56 pm

Cruze and Vuish were in the house! Kosta is hiding behind...

A big thanks to all of the party people who came down to the Loft club on Saturday night. The club was rammed and the people were ready to party. Big thanks especiall to Luke45 and Alex Harmony for warming up before us and also to DJ Vuish who returned to the club in fine form after an almost 4 year hiatus. I’ll even forgive him for playing Foreigner as the last track of the night.

It was great to see lots of old faces there and to also meet lots of new people. Thanks for buying us lots of drinks and making us feel very hungover on Sunday! My head still hurts after a combination of beer, jaegermeister, erdbeerlimes and vodka and red bull. “Viel zu arg!” as they say!

Thanks to Sub Culture for the picture. You can find other pictures here:

Sub Culture Pics I
Sub Culture Pics II Pics

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  1. Hi Marc, what a great party, the crowd went mad, especially when you played the VIBRATION Classics! Remember the time. Thank you mates for a great dj set in Ludwigshafen. Let’s arrange a Vibration revival party, just playing the good old classics!


  2. In deed,was good to see and hear the boys again. Great manchester house music, even I missed “sweet harmony”, toni di bart and some oldskool breakbeats. Hope u ll come down to Germany more often in 2006.

  3. I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves. We will be there as often as we can. I’ll let everyone know about the next gig soon.

  4. And next time please more Vibration/oldskool/piano classics! 😉

    How about a “those were the days” session at the beachclub in Forst? This is what I am dreaming of since years!

  5. Loved your mix at the Loft Club, Marc. We had a great time. THX

    The piano track (can’t remember the name) was massive! Sven, Jan and me went just mad. Vibration Crew was in the house.

  6. Thanks again everyone for your kind words.
    Mark (DJ Vuish) and I had a great time and we can’t wait to come back.

    Frank – I’m not sure which piano track we mean. Check the podcasts and see if it is on one of those.

    Jana – We don’t like to play classics all night because people want to hear new music too. But maybe we’ll do a “Vibration classics” night soon.

  7. Marc, you played the piano track in the beginning of your 2005 podcastmix (I think it is the third one).

    “Vibration classics” sounds awesome. Abfaaaaaahren!

  8. Ah right! The tune is by Discrete feat. Belle Erskine and is called “Love Me”. I remember you all going mad now! 😉

  9. That’s the one I was looking for! Thanks Marc! You are the best.

  10. “Vibration classics” night? Can’t wait 4 it. Gonna be massive. Luv u Marc!

  11. Marc, it s me again. Since I am not quiet sure if you are still checking the old comments of the charts’ section, I will post my comment again here:

    Marc, I just recognized that you are thinking about making a “those were the days” classic house session.(Statement Dj Cruze: “Maybe I will do my top 50 old school tunes for you but it might take some time!”)

    Not just for Stefan but for all your people from the Vibration crew. Luv u and can’t wait to listen to this mix. Or just sell the mix CD via your website!

    Yours Jana!

  12. Jana – Yes, I read all of the comments as they get emailed to me!

    Maybe I’ll do a Vibration top 20 tunes for you all soon. You can contact me using the contact form if you want to speak about an old school CD.

  13. Yes ! Und ich war´s diesmal nicht !
    The Idea is great to have a Vibration all time top 20
    Just to remember the good times !

  14. Marc, we don’t want to speak about it, we want to buy and listen to your oldskool CDs! 😉 Do you already have some classic house/old school CDs mixed which we can purchase?

  15. SFT – Send me an email and we’ll talk about it.

  16. Great time on saturday ….
    Thanks Boyz for the good time we had with u both !!!

    can’t wait 4 the next show from da boyz …

    cheers Alex

  17. Absolutely, good to have the boys back!

  18. Well, wasn’t that fun. wasn’t it?!… the Jägermeister was a bit of a harsh finishing move though. I felt so unbelievably crap the next day…

    Nice one lads, seeya soon

    Hugz, Kev

  19. Yeah, Marc ruled the Loft Club. I wanna hear more classic piano house tunes with Dj Cruze scratching and some breaks. I am thinking of something like liquid “sweet harmony” or some toni di bart stuff! Dreeeeeamy. What do u think Marc?