News : Podcast is back

 Thursday, January 12th 2006, 7:03 pm

Right then the webserver which hosts the MP3s for the podcast seems to be alive again. Fingers crossed that it will stay that way for the immediate future. My backup plan will spring into action at the weekend anyway so I’ll be a happy DJ! The next podcast should be online by Wednesday 18th January 2006 but I’ll hopefully have something else for you at the weekend.

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  1. Quote dj Cruze: “but I’ll hopefully have something else for you at the weekend.”
    hmmm, I am quiet excited what this will be! Maybe a new classic mix? Including scratching and loads of pianos? Come on marc, reveal the secret.

  2. You’ll just have to wait and see Stefan…

    Mmmm….old mixes!

  3. Marc, if this (upload of old vibration tapes) is really going to happen, then you ll make us all happy. Appreciate your engagement. That’s what we all dreamed about! You are the best Marc! Remember the good times at Vibration Club, Forst.

    Cheers mate

  4. ….weekend is almost over! No suprise, no mixes! =(
    Come on marc, stop drinking to much Jaegermeister.

  5. Sorry guys! I’m having problems with my webhost for the mixes. They will be online really soon!

  6. Old Dj Cruze Mixes? Hmmmmmmmmmmm, how nice is this? Can’t wait to listen to them. Thanks Marc!

    Cheers mate