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 Monday, January 16th 2006, 4:43 pm

Mark Spoon, 1966 - 2006
I found out late last week that Mark Spoon (real name Markus Löffel) was found dead in his home. I meant to post something about this last week but didn’t get the chance. He was only 41 and died of a heart attack. He’s probably most famous for being a big (in both senses of the word!) trance DJ and for writing classic tunes like “Stella” (from the “Tales from a Danceographic Ocean” EP) with Jam El Mar as Jam & Spoon and as Storm with the tune “Time To Burn”. If you don’t know “Stella” then get hold of it as it’s a classic. Here are some stories about his death:

Mark Spoon
Another page about his death (in German) (and translated to English).

[update]: The Times (UK) Obiturary

Other than his earlier stuff, I wasn’t a particularly big fan of his music as it’s a lot tougher than the sort of stuff I play. His music was quite tough trance and techno but always very musical. I think that his reputation proceeded him and he lived life to the full. I know that anyone who saw him DJ said that he knew how to rock a party but if you talked to him he had a bad attitude. He was also know to have a very dusty mixer (if you get what I mean!). I still think it’s a sad loss when someone so young dies though, especially when they shaped the music that you listened to. Perhaps it’ll be a wake up call to a lot of people in the dance music scene who have their faces stuck in various class A substances a lot of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who is anti-drugs or anything as it would be hypocritical of me to comment (after my eventful youth)! But as the saying goes “everything in moderation” and I know that he was not known for his moderation.

I’ll dig “Stella” out for the next podcast so you lot can enjoy his music too. Rest in peace man.

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  1. Their “Stella”, the “Age of Love” remix and “Follow me” were some of the most important techno tunes ever. How weird was that change of speed in “Follow me”, how annoying the drilling sound in “Age of Love”?!? RIP man.

  2. R.I.P.

  3. How I hated that man’s guts. He had a really bad attitude, for shizzle. But his tunes were nice, true. Fair enough, R.I.P. it is…

  4. He made some great records – I have a lot of Jam and Spoon stuff and they could create great atmospherics. I met him once at the Orbit club in Morley and he was a really cool guy…I remember him scratching and cutting up the clasic Robin S. tune…at a Techno club!
    RIP indeed.

  5. Let’s not forget that he also discovered Dr Alban!

    Dr Alban once sang (on “No Coke”, which I believe Mark Spoon produced)
    “Cocaine will blow your brain
    And ecstasy will mash your life!”


  6. Scary! Why did he think Dr Alban was good?
    Mr. Spoon didn’t really heed his own advice did he? 😉

  7. Marc Spoon was a special guy. I moved to Frankfurt from the states in 1994 and just partied my ass off in the german rave scene for 10 years (and I still live between Frankfurt and the states). Marc Spoon was an essential part of that. I always said he was one of the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Frankfurt: Marc Spoon, DJ Dag, and Sven Väth. He had a special sound on the turntables – as fat as he was. You never knew what to expect – but it was always a pleasant surprise. I met him once in Wiesbaden and he was a fair enough ‘bloke’. We in Frankfurt will miss him dearly. He really did know how to rock the house. Rest in peace Markus (his real name was Markus Löffel, Löffel meaning spoon in german). Peace, out. Jonathan, Frankfurt, Germany

  8. I once saw Marc Spoon at The Orbit in Morley circa 1993, when Sven and Frank Lorber, Dag, Marco Zaffarano and CJ Bolland et al were mashing it up there. Those were the nights, nothing can beat them (apart from maybe the three years before that!) Ask anyone who went to The Orbit in Morley and they will agree that it was one of the best trance/techno clubs in the world. I saw Spoon one night and I remember (just) it being banging. So I thank him for that and may he rest peacefully

  9. somehow im left feeling empty inside. RIP Mark