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 Tuesday, January 24th 2006, 12:59 pm

I’m finally back in the land of the living and catching up with my emails. Apologies to anyone who has emailed me since Christmas and I haven’t replied yet. I’ve had a major amount of work to do and have not managed to clear the backlog of emails that I’ve had. I’ll be done by the weekend I hope so expect a reply soon. I love hearing from readers of the site and listeners to the podcast so get in touch.

Dreamhost are a dreamy webhost!

Have you all managed to download episode #9 of the podcast then? This is the first podcast that I’ve moved onto my new webhost so I wanted to check that everything is ok. Let me know if you have problems downloading and I’ll get it sorted. If anyone need a new webhost for their site then I would highly recommend Dreamhost.

They give you 20GB of webspace and 1TB per month of bandwidth! Hopefully I won’t be exceeding that just yet but the rate of listeners that I’m getting per month, you never know! They also have a great web interface for managing your site and allow you to host unlimited domains. In short – they rock!

So what else am I up to then? Well I’m preparing some articles for the website for you to help all of the budding DJs, producers and podcasters get up and running. Hopefully you’ll find something useful in there and there will be some useful information. I’m also working on a track at the moment which I’m hoping to get finished before the next podcast. I’ll then make it available for people to download and use. Some of you DJs out there will be able to get it into your funky house and electro sets I think. If you can think of anything that you need help with then get in touch and let me know.

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  1. Marc, we are still waiting for your old school mixes (I am always thinking of your picture with the box full of tapes) that you have promised us to upload! That’s my main concern for the moment. 😉

    And if some critisism in terms of the podcast is permitted: I didn’t like the selection of tunes of your guest dj. Of course I know that this is just a matter of preferred style. Hope to get the opportunity to listen to more Cruze mixes.

  2. It’s not all about the mixes Stefan. I’m trying to give you something more than just downloads of my mixes. If that’s all you want then I shouldn’t write anything else. I’m trying to help people out who want to DJ and produce. 🙁

    Criticism is fine. The style of tunes were a bit tougher but there was some funky stuff there too. I want to showcase some different DJs as I don’t just listen to house music all of the time. Thanks for the comment though.

  3. Hi Marc, please don’t get me wrong. Of course I am also interested in all other news and as stated before, I really like your website with its content. It is just that I LOVE your music and I love hearing you djing. 😉

  4. No offence taken Stefan!

    And I’ll get a new old mix online for you soon!
    Don’t worry! 😉

  5. …it’s all about house music! 😉

  6. hey Mr Cruze, I just have found an old mix of yours in the web: “DJ Cruze – 92 Old Skool on the Radio” (loads of pianos and breakbeats) –> great tunes, do you remember this one?

  7. I don’t ever remember DJ’ing on the radio before 1994 Stefan! Maybe it was one I gave to Vuish?

  8. Does Mark distribute your mixes? 😉

  9. Nope. It’s not me as I said on the other thread! 😉

  10. I discovered your site after purchasing my iPOD recently. You have a great talent of mixing old school, disco, and current tunes…keep those podcasts coming, sure helps thaw the winter chill here in the frozen tundra..

    Minneapolis is in the HOUSE!

  11. Hey Eduardo! Great to have you onboard! There will be plenty of new and old mixes coming your way and some funky house music podcasts every 2 weeks. Stay subscribed!

  12. What music would you start to beatmach with on cdj,s House seems to be the most used to learn on from what i read as its Nor 126bpm ish?