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 Friday, February 3rd 2006, 2:30 pm

A lot of people have asked me how they find the podcasts for Alex Harmony and One Phat DJ as they couldn’t find them. So here are the links to their RSS feeds:

Alex Harmony podcast RSS feed – Note: Alex tells me that his next podcasts will be in English so make sure you subscribe.
One Phat DJ Podcast RSS feed

I also found another quality house mix from Rob Tarren and Andy Wallington at Evil Rabbit too:

Evil Rabbit Podcast RSS feed

If you’re using iTunes then it’s super simple to do. Run iTunes and click on “Advanced” from the menu bar. Then click “Subscribe to podcast” and cut and paste the RSS feed that you want the podcasts for. Then hit “OK” and it will take you to the podcast page.


into the box and you’ll subscribe to the Alex Harmony podcast.

The latest show will then automagically be downloaded via iTunes (obviously you have to be connected to the net first).

I use iTunes to get my podcasts but others are available. You’ll find a good list of podcatchers (applications which can automatically download podcast episodes) here. Juice gets loads of good press so it might be worth having a look if you don’t want to download iTunes.

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  1. One question : Were is the f…ing link to the DJ Vuish Podcast ??

  2. I don’t think DJ Vuish will be doing a podcast just yet. I’ll get him to guest on the DJ Cruze podcast again of course!