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 Tuesday, February 7th 2006, 8:54 pm

Looks like the world and his brother are now creating podcasts! I’ve found quite a few more on the net and thought I’d better share the wealth with you guys and girls.

I mentioned these guys before as being quality house music but they also do dirty and funky breaks too:

Evil Rabbit | Evil Rabit Podcast RSS feed – I’m loving Andy Wallington’s latest funky breaks mix and Rob Tarren’s latest soulful house mix. Nice one boys!

The big guns are getting into it too:

Pete Tong | Pete Tong Podcast RSS Feed – Here you’ll find a cut down version of Pete’s Radio 1 show. Lots of little snippets of house and electro tunes with a few eclectic suprises thrown in for good measure!

Erol Alkan | Erol Alkan Podcast RSS Feed – London’s king of the bootleg throws down some hot mixes filled with dirty cut-ups and bootlegs. Anyone who can mix a bootleg version of Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” into New Order’s “Blue Monday” is a genius in my books! Get subscribed to this as soon as you can!

Defected Records | Defected Records Podcast RSS Feed – Defected Records drop some smooth and silky soulful house on us in this 30 minute podcast. Nice US house vibes from one of the world’s best house labels.

If I find any more then I’ll let you know and I expect you to do the same! It’s nice and easy to contact me so tell me if you find any good music podcasts. I’ll listen to anything as long as it’s funky!

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  1. Hi Marc,
    how can I download Andy Wallington’s latest funky breaks mix? Sorry, I do not find a download link.


  2. If you just download their latest podcast it should be the breaks mix Stefan. Just put the URL above into iTunes, Juice or whatever podcatcher you use and it should just download.

  3. Hi Marc,
    that’s my problem. I don’t have itunes installed, so I usually dowload your mp3 mix from your website instead of using the application.

  4. Hy there !

    Stefan i recomment to use iTunes to get all the nice Podcast´s!
    If you dont want to use google here is the link to his site
    There is a nice article about DJ Cruze …
    but i didnt see a direct downloadlink for his Podcast!

  5. Hi Stefan 2! 😉 Thanks for helping out. So there is no other way to get the postcasts of the djs that are mentioned in the article. =( Generally I prefer Marc’s approach to offer the mixes both ways (podcast link and direct mp3 download).

  6. Hi there Stefan(s),

    I noticed that you were having trouble downloading, try these direct links –

    Rob’s house mixes are 1 and 2 and my breaks mix is number 3.

    I hope that helps? Enjoy!


  7. ….Oh and Marc, thanks for the mention on the site!

    I’m listening to the Podcasts and the missus and I are having a bit of a dance around the room. 🙂


  8. Thanks for those links Andy!
    Everyone get downloading those mixes as they’re hot.

    Can you make sure that your link to my website goes to and not please? Just in case I update my database backend. Oooh, my backend!


  9. Will do Marc, I’ll nudge Rob to get it done.


  10. Evening Marc, yep, link changed so it’s without the ‘cms’…not quite sure why I added that in the first place?!

    Bad news about the pc, hope it sorts itself out soon!



  11. Hi Andy,
    thanks for the links. Your breaks mix is just awesome! Hopefully there will be more to come! (what about a classic breakbeat mix?)


  12. Stefan,

    It’s a plan I think. I’ve got quite a bit on at the moment but I’ll try and dig out some clasics in the future.

    Glad you enjoyed the mix! Thanks for the comments.


  13. Hey bro, nice pcdsaot! Keep ‘em coming. I’m looking forward to hearing those remastered tracks!

  14. I eonjyed the Levon Vincent mix and I found Heinrich Muellers podcast very interesting aswell. I missed the Tin Man mix and there is a couple of other ones on the list that I should check out. Thanks.