News : Computers = pain!

 Friday, February 10th 2006, 6:00 pm

I have to apologise again but my podcast might be late next week. I turned on my PC to find that it wouldn’t boot up to Windows so it’s a potential reinstall situation! Aaargh! Not good. Hopefully I can fix it but if not then it’s going to take me a while to reinstall all of my music apps and web apps in order to get up and running.

Just for the record, as many people have asked, I record the show using my Technics 1210s, Ableton Live, Cubase SX, a Terratec DMX6Fire soundcard and an AKG C1000S microphone with pop shield. I’ll be doing a little tutorial telling you how to get the best sound quality out of that gear if anyone is interested. I’m sure there must be some music geeks out there who want to know what I do!

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