Podcasts : Episode #11 – Time To Get Funky

 Wednesday, February 22nd 2006, 7:00 am

It took a bloody long time to get this episode out didn’t it? Battling the PC of doom and a cold which knocked me out for a week I bring you Episode #11 of the DJ Cruze podcast.

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Listening advice: Play loud and with friends and shake your collective booty!

As always, here is the tracklisting for the show:

Nuff respect to my good friend Kevin who this week’s “Cruze Classic” is dedicated to. I know I promised everyone a tune on the Vinyl Addiction label in an earlier post but I completely forgot that I promised Kev that I would play this tune for him. And a promise is a promise however you look at it! Enjoy!

As always I love to hear your feed back on the show. Contact me using the form provided and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I’m always looking for new tunes to play on the show so if you’re an up and coming producer who’s looking for some exposure then let me know and if I like the tunes then I’ll play them.

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  1. and again …
    a nice one podcast 🙂

    oh i really like it ….

  2. hoooray!!! marc is back with a new really cool podcast!))))

  3. Another corker of a podcast!

    Muey mucho grande thanx for that tune & the shoutout, hombre. As the music says, “I’m rushing”… Much obliged.

    Time to find my digicam and dance my ass off…

  4. Thanks everyone! I finally got most of my music apps up and running and managed to make a decent MP3 podcast for you all.

    Reading everyone’s comments about the podcast really make my day! 🙂

  5. Damn fine Podcast just keep baning ’em out! Ace Classic By the way!

  6. …PC is fixed, cold is gone… great to have you back Marc!


  7. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! 😉

    Thanks everyone!
    And don’t forget the “dancing to my podcast” competition. I expect to see some great photos of you all! I’ll post them on the site when I get them too.

  8. …and btw massive podcast Mr Cruze, one of the best in my opinion (even there is no scratching). Also thx to Kev for proposing the classic tune. Marc, did I tell you that I luv your house classics? 😉

  9. I will definitely send you some dance competition pics))) my friends also liked your new episode!!)))

  10. will also shake my ass 4 U .. Mr Cruze ..
    will send my back straight to your mail account 😉 hehe

    be afraid … to let yourself go ….

  11. Stefan F – Yes, no scratching this time. Sorry! I just wanted to get the podcast out of the door for you guys. I’ll do some more scratching on the next podcast. I’m going to make a new DJ Cruze intro and get it scratched up!

    Katya – I look forward to seeing the hot Russian ladies dancing! 😉

    Alex – Don’t send me any naked pictures this time ok? 😉

  12. I could try write and whole paragraph about this podcast, but I can quite simply sum it up in one word….awesome!

  13. I’m really embarrassed now! You’re too kind mate.

  14. Hi there !

    Great Podcast again Mate !
    I had some time to listen to the other House Podcast´s wilst waiting for Episode ’11 .
    But i think that your Podcast´s are way better than the others!
    Sorry for the other Dj´s (of course nice Set´s)but you have to try a little harder next time !
    Hope to see u soon back in good old Germany !

  15. Hi Marc,
    Good to hear you’re back!!!!
    What a great podcast, especially the classic.
    By the way: you are making my days with your podcasts….
    I promise I will send some pictures of me and my housemades, making party with the podcasts. Great idea!!

  16. he! MR DJ Cruze,
    how are you?
    hope nice!

  17. Marc,
    you mentioned that a new intro is on its way. Is your soon-to-be wife involved again? Hopefully she is. I cannot think of any dj Cruze set without her voice. Your music and her voice that definitely belongs together.

    Stefan F

  18. Marc,

    Loving the Podcast, got an IPOD for Xmas and bar the Ricky Gervais Podcast yours is #1. ….masterful, just downloading the previous casts Kudos.

    loving the Classics! Any chance of Huff & Puff (Ertha Kitt) next week?


  19. See Marc, we want more Piano house classics! 😉

  20. The eleventh top podcast from DJ cruze! Nice one!

    One of the best ones to download on the ITMS. you’re not gonna start charging now like ricky gervais? your podcasts are quality enough although charging defeats the point of a podcast surely? anyway besides the point

    well done

  21. Nice to hear that the cold is gone and you are back and running again .The new Podcast is great like always !

    i love the classic tune on this episode!

    If it´s possible i want to hear the house mix of WE DON´T TALK ANYMORE from GABRIELLE on GO BEAT from 95 as classic on your next Podcast.It´s one of my favourite classic piano tunes.


  22. Everyone is loving the classic tunes! I am rushing…..oh yeah! Marc, is it also possible to play some old house tunes (pianos and nice vocals) with some funky breatbeats in it (milk! Mannheim)? Adding some scratching of you would make it perfect!

    P.S: Your latest podcast is running everyday on my PC since the beginning of this week. First time that I have some breaks while working to start dancing! 😉

    thx mate

  23. Johnny Woods – Huff and Puff would be a top classic. I’ll dig it out and add it to my ever growing list of classics to play.

    Andy – Nice one mate! I’m not sure that anyone would pay for the DJ Cruze podcast! Plus I’m sure it might get me into legal hot water with the owners of each tune.

    Sascha – I’ll check the Gabrielle tune out for you and I’ll add it to my list of tunes to play in the future.

    Stefan – Yes, I’ll play some old breakbeat tunes as my classic from time to time. Don’t worry!

  24. Thanks to my good friend Craig of Brisvegas I now am in the loop and really looking forwards to hearing more of your fantastic mixes…ps am sure I can dig up some photos of Craig doin his stuff…will send them on

  25. Hey Natalie. Welcome to the site! Brisvegas is in the house baby! The Australians obviously know how to party.

  26. YES!!! the best podcast until now! When I close my eyes listening to your music, I imagine being at Vibration in 1996 (f***, how old are you?)….lol…

  27. Thanks Nessa! That is much appreciated! 😉
    Yes, I’m old. I’ll admit it. I’m 34 in April so I expect an email off everyone! 😉

  28. Yes a B-Day email is no problem !
    But what about our B-Day Party ??
    Ceers S

  29. … it isn´t age that counts….

  30. It’s what I do with it! I know and that’s what I’m good at! 😉

  31. “Marnix & Mustafa – Time To Get Funky – Azuli ” There is no need to comment this song!!!
    It is out of this world!!!

    You really bring a large variety of good stuff for us!!!
    Someday I will dare to make a list of the best songs that rocks here in Brazil, Sao Paulo city and send them to you!!! But then I think, You already now a bunch of them, but if you could make a podcast with those ones would be overwhelming my friend!!!

    Kasino# shake it
    Deep dish# Flashdance
    Dobbie brothers# without love
    Erika# I don’t know(live)
    Red Karma# From one to another
    I’m so horny(don’t know the singer)
    Bob Sinclair#
    Fatboy slim# Kalifornia
    Kevin Sunray# Tribal answer
    Despina Vandi# Opa Opa

    Some that I recall right now, but there is more

    Cheer Mate

  32. wat is this about i need explanation i was just looking for some thing and i found this website so can any one tell me kk.

  33. Hey Anelly,

    This is a podcast. It has lots of house tunes mixed up as a mini-radio show that you can download. Send me an email if you need to know how to download it.