Competition : Take a photo, win a prize!

 Wednesday, February 22nd 2006, 7:07 pm

DJ Cruze starts to dance...

Hey you! Yes, you! You have listened to the podcast, you have enjoyed the music that I have been playing for you and what have you given me? Nothing! That’s what! It’s time to get involved so I can see what my listeners look like.

As I mentioned in the latest podcast, I received an email from a nice guy from Australia called Craig who mentioned “…dancing like I’m in a Madonna video when I listen to your podcasts.”. Sorry Craig! I hope I haven’t embarrassed you!

So I’ve set you guys a challenge to send me a picture of yourself dancing while listening to my podcast. The best picture will win some prizes from the DJ Cruze vaults. Probably some CDs or something exciting like that. Not much but better than nothing. I’m sure I can find something good for you though. I’ll send the prizes to anywhere in the world but you’ll have to send me a great picture to win. I need it to be an amazing photo with you doing something great in it so obviously you have to prove to me that you love the podcast! How about dressing up in a Madonna leotard? Or getting all of your friends together and all dancing to it? Or dancing in front of a great landmark in the country that you live? As long as you guys don’t mind I’ll post the best ones online and we can all see what the average DJ Cruze podcast listener looks like.

Closing date: 25th March 2006 – I know that podcasts aren’t like a regular radio show so you might be listening a bit later than other people.

I have a couple of other ideas for competitions so this might become a regular thing if you guys and girls like it. So get posting your pictures to my podcast email address as soon as you can! The picture has to be better than the one of me to win! Thanks to Jocelyn from A&E for taking this sneaky photo when I wasn’t looking! She’s taken some where I’m paying attention and they will be online as part of my press pack soon.

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  1. Nice idea! I look forward to send you some wicked photos from my friends and myself !
    I hope every listener will send a photo to you.


  2. Good stuff Stefan. I hope everyone sends a photo too as I want to see what everyone looks like.

  3. Top tunage DJ Cruze, these Podcasts have me bouncin man, and Im a DJ too, im a keen subscriber to your cast, Its on in the car, in the office, in the house, Shit man its everywhere., Keep up the great work mate.

  4. Welcome onboard Judgejase! Glad to have you listening.

  5. Wicked podcast only discovered it about 3 weeks ago…lovin the funky house selections… keep up the excellent work!

  6. Take a prize, win a photo? Wicked!
    Crazy fool, daddy cool? 😉

  7. Pete – Glad to have you on board! Stay subscribed and the tunes will keep flowing.

    Dom – I am a crazy fool and daddy cool. Beat that!

  8. well, I’ve sent in a pic of my ugly mug but still hunting high & low for the leotard and Farrah hair-do. will send that one in asap.
    Brisbane says THANYOU 4 THE MUSIC.

  9. I think that the Brisbane possee is already in the lead anyway Craig! Seeing you in a leotard might win it though!