Podcasts : Episode #12 – How Would U Feel

 Wednesday, March 8th 2006, 7:00 am

Sorry that I didn’t manage to get this episode done last week. I meant to sort it out but it just didn’t happen. Hopefully that means you’re ready for another installment of the DJ Cruze podcast now though. Episode #12 brings you the old, the new and the down right funky!

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Here is the tracklisting for the show:

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I mentioned a couple of new podcasts that I have downloaded so here are the links to them. Just cut and paste the link and put it into iTunes or the podcatching software that you use.

  • Timmy Boy – You’ll have to click on the link on Tim’s site to download it. A nice mix using Garage Band.
  • DJ Flin podcast – Some nice mixing and tunes from Sascha here. But stop copying the text on my website please! 😉

As always I love to hear your feed back on the show. Contact me using the form provided and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I’m always looking for new tunes to play on the show so if you’re an up and coming producer who’s looking for some exposure then let me know and if I like the tunes then I’ll play them.

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  1. Hey Marc
    many many thanks for the shout out and the link to my Podcasts :o)
    As always your new Episode is great .
    I vote already a 10 for it !!!



  2. Nice one Sascha. I’m glad you liked it!
    Now make sure you update your website to be a bit different from mine! 😉

  3. Listening to your podcast now mate – excellent been waiting for it for ages and now it fianally here!!! ACE CHOONS, ACE SCRATCHIN’, LOVE IT!!!

  4. it’s a nice one again …
    i really like the deep dish track with the axwell rmx.


  5. Thanks guys. I’m glad you’re liking it. I thought I’d put a bit more scratching in this one as people like me to show off!

  6. Hi Marc,
    Wicked podcast, especially “pride” from DJ Exacta feat Daley Padley. I luv it!!!!!
    By the way, you have friends, a lot all over the world…..

    Hopefully see you soon back in Germany

  7. Your podcast is one of the greatest; I always enjoy listening to it. I’ve been meaning to say thanks since December when I heard the Christmas podcast. So keep up the good work!

  8. Nicole – Thanks for your constant support! I know I have friends all over the world but my myspace account was looking bare! 🙁

    Zack – Thanks man! I’ll email you shortly to say hello and give you as shout on the next show!

  9. Thank´s a lot you made my Day at work !!
    Nice Scatches an supercool new Tunes …
    And a Classic staigt from Vibration !!
    P.S.This Myspace thing dont work that well had some errors trying to send a message !

  10. Hands up for Mr. Cruze
    Looking forward to see you again in AprilPlease update your Dates!

    Cheers Luke

  11. Another fantastic podcast! Well done Marc. I’m hooked now…whens the next one 😉

  12. I’ll ditto Peter on that.

    Feed us! 😉

  13. Been having a nightmare getting the internet fired up on my laptop, got it working now, so downloading as I type! Looking forward to it as always!

  14. Once again a very good podcast!

    Yeah, yeah -> Renegade Master 😉

    Nice one!


  15. Thanks for all of your kind comments people! I’m glad you’re all enjoying the shows. More good music will be arriving shortly!

  16. Hey Marc,

    I am not sure if thanks is the right word for linking to my amature podcast but thanks it forced me into making episode 2. Love your tunes great sound refering you all over the place you now have a link from my website – right back at cha

    Timmy Boy