DJ Dates : Teledisko @ Soho Club, 7th April 2006

 Wednesday, March 8th 2006, 10:53 pm

Teledisko flyer

Friday 7th April 2006
Soho Club

Manchester is coming home!

Teledisko flyer

I’m back with my main men Alex Harmony and Luke45 for another rocking Teledisko party. It’s my birthday on 23rd April so this is my official German birthday party. Get ready to rock hard and all night long. I’m looking forward to this one guys!

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  1. I will also come home to see you in the Soho club…to hear some good Manchaster House and to celebrate a fette party!!!!

  2. I’ll do my best to be there. Can’t promise anything though. Wish me luck!

  3. Well done mate

    That was very quick :0)
    Looking forward to this event……..

  4. when will you be mixin’ it up in the UK?

    And where…?

  5. Oh bugger – not again! We are flying off to IRL vacation exactly that day.
    You is doin’ it purpose, isn’t you ?! 😉

  6. Good news 🙂
    This time, I won’t be the driver, hehe…

  7. Boom, this will be a fine night 🙂

    Looking forward to see you man!


  8. Wrrn – The next UK gig is in April and it’s up north. I’ll give you more details when I’ve got them.

    David & Martina – That’s a shame. It’s been ages since I have seen you guys! Hopefully we’ll catch up soon.

    Dom – Bring on the Jaegermeister then!

    Chris – Will be a good night man. Don’t be in the toilets when the siren sounds! 😉

  9. hey marc,
    i’m just coming back from hamburg on friday at 9 o’clock in the evening. so i’ll come directly to soho …

    we’ll rock the house … 😉


  10. THM is in the house! Oh yes! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday night Thorsten.