News : DJ Cruze on Radio 1 Newsbeat

 Tuesday, March 21st 2006, 2:06 pm

How strange! I have just been talked about on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat news programme. They were talking about the new podcasts that Radio 1 are releasing and talked about how bands and artists are using podcasts to promote themselves. They then went on to talk about how easy it is to create and download a podcast and how they had checked out some podcasts. And then:

“You don’t need a flash studio to make a podcast. Just a computer, a mic and the internet…” followed by me introducing episode #4 of the DJ Cruze podcast. How mad is that then? They could have at least taken a sample from episode #12 instead of episode #4 as my production doesn’t sound as good as it does now.

I will post a link to the sample when I get home tonight.
Update: Download the sample here. My 2 seconds of fame on national radio appears at 1 minute and 8 seconds! Enjoy! 😉

I don’t know if I’ll get any new listeners via Radio 1 as they didn’t transmit the URL for my website. If you have come to the site via Radio 1 then a big “hello” to you all. The new podcast, episode #13, should be online by Wednesday or Thursday night so keep your pod catchers open! If I can get my latest production finished tonight then it will include a hot DJ Cruze exclusive tune for you. Fingers crossed!

Cheers to my mate Simon for letting me know about this.

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  1. May I be the first to congratulate you on the exposure! I wish I’d got a mention but I can see why you got the upper hand (you do actually talk on your podcast for one)

    Anyway, keep up the good work and I look forward to Episode 13.

  2. Also congratz from Germany, Marc. That’s a reward for your good work!


  3. It’s nothing major really but thanks anyway! There was no URL mentioned so I don’t think I’ll gain much exposure from it. It’s just funny when I didn’t know anything about it and a mate sent me a text message (SMS). Suddenly my lovely Mancunian voice appeared on the Radio 1 airwaves.

    I’ll post a link to the MP3 later on tonight after I’ve finished the podcast of course.

  4. Dj Cruze gets famous, wicked !!!!!!!!!

  5. If only I was as famous as I’d like to be!

    That said, I don’t think I’d like to be really famous where I’m stalked by paparazzi. Having some good parties with you guys out there and having some hot productions on Pete Tong’s show is all I ask for! 😉

  6. Yay! BBC1 is da bigtime! I can see you going Pete Dougherty on us anytime now ;P

  7. Do you mean Pete Docherty? No way! 😉