March 2006

News : Multiple ratings!

 Monday, March 6th 2006, 9:29 am

Damn! You install a ratings plugin and then it allows people to vote multiple times. It is getting like “Pop Idol“, “American Idol” or “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”!! I’ve worked out what the problem is and I’ll fix it tonight. In the mean time, make sure you give them all a 10 again! Haha! Props to Kevin for pointing out the problem.

Charts : 05/03/06

 Sunday, March 5th 2006, 6:45 pm
  1. Sugababes – Red Dress (Dennis Christopher’s More Energy Dub) – Island
  2. Deep Dish feat Stevie Nicks – Dreams (Axwell Remix) – Positiva
  3. DJ Exacta feat Daley Padley – Pride (A Deeper Love) (Exacta’s Vocal Mix) – Compulsive
  4. David Morales – How Would U Feel (Philippe B Remix) – Data
  5. Mish Mash – Speechless (Soul Avengerz Mix) – Data
  6. Scape – Be My Friend (Ian Carey Remix) – Data
  7. Sara Jorge – Beautiful World (M-Factor Full Vocal Mix) – Purple City
  8. Kelly Llorenna – Nobody Like You (Herd & Fitz Mix) – AATW
  9. Tony Cha Cha vs Mark Simmons – Somebody Else (Rockefella Dub) – Spinnin Records
  10. Soul Avengerz – Love You Feel (Original Mix) – Opaque Music
  11. Steve Angello & Dave Armstrong – Groove In U (Steve Angello Mix) – Opaque Music
  12. Pawn Shop – Shot Away (Raul Rincon Dub) – Adhesive
  13. Jean Claude Ades – Some Day – Swings Records
  14. Deepgroove – Fascinated (Dirty House Mix) – UMM
  15. Studio B – C’Mon Get It On (Club Mix) – Loaded
  16. Marnix & Mustafa – Time To Get Funky (Mischa Daniels Remix) – Azuli
  17. Filterfunk – S.O.S. (Message In A Bottle) (Delano & Crockett Remix) – Gusto
  18. The Modern – Industry (Bimbo Jones Dub) – Mercury
  19. Madonna – Sorry (Man With Guitar Mix) – Maverick
  20. M.V.P. – Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop! (Ian Carey Dub) – Positiva

News : Rate my mixes

 Thursday, March 2nd 2006, 9:42 pm

Ok then guys and girls, it’s time to be honest with me. I want to know what you want from me (…sorry ladies but you can’t have that because I’m taken!). I’ve added a ratings system to the site so that you can now rate any mixes or podcasts that I do. I’m hoping that this will give me a good idea as to the sort of music that you’re digging. The ratings obviously go from 1 (“…you’re terrible DJ Cruze and we hate your music…”) to 10 (“…oh yes, you’re the main man DJ Cruze and we want to have your babies…”).

Every time I put a new mix, podcast or production (coming soon!) then rate it so I know whether I’m touching you in the right places. If you’ve downloaded the old podcasts or mixes then here are the links to them all so vote away:


I’ve obviously voted them all a 10 so start chipping away at the scores please. And be honest. If you think something is sh*t then tell me! 😉

The new podcast has been delayed because I’m still mad busy. It’ll appear at some point over the weekend I hope and maybe, just maybe I’ll have finished my latest production. Fingers crossed!