News : Back online

 Friday, April 14th 2006, 9:42 am

Ok party people. DJ Cruze is back online. Unfortunately my upgrade to version 2.0.2 of WordPress caused me a million errors so I’ve rolled back to version 1.5. The podcast feed should be working again and the new one will be online in the next day or two. Apologies for breaking everything.

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  1. Hey, Marc! Finally, i knew you are back and we`ll hear your new episode. Good news, thx! Have fun!

  2. Thanks Katya. I’ll be back with the next episode by the middle of this week I hope and I’ll be posting a new mix too. It will be a good week for house music!

  3. Hi there !
    A new old one or a new one ??
    Cheers Stefan
    P.S. dont forget mind the scratch !

  4. A new one first. And then maybe “Mind The Scratch” for you Stefan! 😉

  5. …and what about the classic house mix you promised to us? I am waiting for it since January! =( (remember the picture with the box loaded with tapes)

  6. Hey Frank – There are quite a few old mixes on here already but I’ll be putting some more online really soon I promise!

  7. Yes Marc, I know the mixes that are available on your website. But I was looking forward to a ‘new’ classic house mix, like you announced it on January. It is just that I love your classic tunes, so this is why I am a little impatient:

  8. I’m not sure I said I would do a ‘new’ classic house mix but I will do one day. Things have been really stressful at the moment but it will happen soon.

  9. Yes a new one is cool …
    but dont forget the scatches …
    take care

  10. Hi Marc, I didn’t mean a really ‘new’ classic house mix. It just was wondering when you are going to upload one of your precious old mixes (like they are shown on the picture with the box loaded with tapes). As far as I remember, you wanted to upload time after time some of these old mixes.
    Well, anyway, if is is a ‘new’ oder an ‘old’ classic mix, I am really looking foward to it.


  11. First the podcast. Then a new mix. And finally I will post some old mixes! Is that a good deal? 😉

  12. Absolutely Marc! Can’t wait.

    We luv you.


  13. Thanks Frank. The new podcast should be online tonight. I hope. Fingers crossed. Or maybe tomorrow if not! Haha! 😉

  14. Hi Marc,

    Im achin for podcast 14 any news on its progress matey

    Cheers fella


  15. Hopefully tonight mate. Fingers crossed!

  16. Hopefully …. !
    See My Space
    Cheers Stefan