News : Essential house music mixes

 Friday, April 21st 2006, 5:30 pm

You need these mixes and podcasts in your life because they are filled with the best funky house music around. I’ve mentioned them before but they’re worth talking about again. I needed to get my head down today and do some serious work, so I stuck my ipod on and got down to these funky mixes:

  • DJ Dyslexic – A San Francisco DJ that I’m hoping to get on the show. He hits us up with the funky house music every Sunday with his “Cure for the Common Sunday” on XTC Radio. His mixes vary in length from an hour to a massive four hour marathon and often feature special guest mixes. Essential listening.
  • Evil Rabbit – Rob Tarren and Andy Wallington supply you with funky house music, dirty breaks beats, quality mixing and stunning voiceovers!
  • One Phat DJ – His latest “Beats for Easter” mix is awesome! This is another mix with great voiceovers too! Haha!
  • DJ Flin – Fancy some old school UK garage (or speed garage as we used to call it)? Rumbling basslines aplenty here with his latest mix. Get your lighters out!

Do you know of any other mixes I should be listening to? Comment below if you have found anything that I should be rocking out to.

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  1. Hey bud, just checking back in. I am on podcast #11 right now, trying to catch up. Good stuff. I am slowly understanding your style.

  2. Hey Marc,
    🙂 Many Thanks for promoting me on your site again 🙂
    Nice one!
    Hope to get a little more life on my page in the future.

  3. thanx for the links and Happy Birthday!



  4. I can’t get enough of these link backs buddy.

    You will get your cummupence from me soon my friend. Don’t you worry! I’ve just got too much on and I need to return the favour as a worthwhile effort.

    As long as we both keep pushing funky house, then our job is getting done. 😉

  5. Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the link to the site! Much appreciated!



  6. Si and Rob – Quality mixes deserve to be shouted about gentlemen! Your mixes rock!

  7. Alright mate,

    Any chance of me sending you my latest funky house mix cd, and if you like it you could promote it on your website. I have been Djing forabout 4 years know and have a monthly residency at J2 in bolton and just trying to work my way into Plush @ ampasands and 2 Risque.

    Mark Fairhurst

  8. Mark – I’ve replied privately via email.