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 Sunday, April 23rd 2006, 10:50 pm
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Mixed on: 23rd April 2006
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Today I’m celebrating my 34th birthday (yes, I’m really that old!) Well, strictly speaking I did a lot of celebrating last night and hence I have a rather sore head today. If you’re ever in the Manchester area then check out a great little cocktail bar called Socio Rehab in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It’s an awesome, dark and dingy little bar that does fantastic cocktails. Plenty of fun was had by everyone and our wallets are a lot emptier for their London-style drinks prices!

Anyway, what better cure for a hangover than to make a funky house music mix for you guys. Hopefully I can hold the mixing together.


  1. Tony Cha Cha vs Mark Simmons – Somebody Else (Rockefella Dub) – Spinnin’
  2. Soul Avengerz – Love You Feel – Opaque Music
  3. High Life feat. Karime Kendra – Mercy On Me (Main Mix) – Onephatdeeva
  4. Kid Massive feat. Tiger Lilly – Bring It On – Blow Media
  5. Steve Angello & Dave Armstrong – Groove In You – Opaque Music
  6. Ben Macklin – Feel Together – Serial Recordings
  7. Sydney Samson – Girls – Confidence Recordings
  8. Shiney Grey – Why (Rob Wilder & Wes Clarke Twisted Disco Remix) – Hed Kandi
  9. Macca – Ride Me Baby – Blowmedia
  10. Ian Carey & Mochico feat. Miss Bunty – Say What U Want (Dub) – Nero
  11. DJ Cruze presents The Funkfinders – Cease! – White

It’s in a nice CD-burnable 128kbps MP3 which has a running time of around 70 minutes. So download it, burn it to a CD and play it LOUD! Happy Birthday from me to you! 😉

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    wish you all the best for the future …
    let your dreams come (cum) true 😉 hehe …

    looking forward to see you soon …

    cheers Alex

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Cruze,
    all the best to you. Keep up the great work and hopefully your soon-to-be wife spoils/pampers you. 😉


  3. Happy Birthday Marc! Glad to hear you had a good one! Just downloading the mix now! It’s a very nice treat for us funky house and dj cruze fans! Keep up the excellent work!

  4. No problem guys. Hope you enjoy the mix. My wife-to-be helped to nurse my hangover so it was all good! 😉

  5. Happy belated Birthday mate!

    Sounds like you had a good one!

    Cheers for the mix by the way – I’ll get a lot of enjoyment blasting this one out!

  6. Happy birthday, old goat! 😉

  7. Warren – Yeah, had a top time mate. I’m still tired today because of it. Being 34 and having a hangover is hard work!

    Dom – You cheeky monkey! 😉

  8. Happy B’Day Marc! I will have caught you up in a few weeks (34) Writing this on my PSP from the beach. Need some tunes so gettin a podcast. The wonders of tech huh? All the best from Okinawa mista!

  9. Paul – Good to hear from you mate. I need to optimise the site so it doesn’t look terrible on a handheld! I hope you can read the site properly. I’ll have to get my CSS skills improved!

  10. Hey Marc,

    happy birthday from the states as well!!! You have birthday, we get present (mix)! Wicked!

  11. Yeah Andi. Good point! Where are my presents?

    I have to thank Stefan and Nicole who bought me a lovely bottle of red wine when I was in Germany. I haven’t drunk it yet but I’m looking forward to it.

  12. Yo Marc – many happy returns from one who is even older than you 🙂 Trust me on this one – it’s all downhill from here, but the Alzheimers means you don’t mind that much.

  13. What’s that? You’ll have to speak up as I can’t hear you! 😉

  14. happy birthday marc….been busy preparing for my exams…so sorry at wishing u so late…am really enjoyin the new podcast and cant wait for ur clubplay style podcast…hope u had a rocking birthday mate!!!

  15. AWESOME MIX…LOVE the romebody else dub and ofcourse cEASE…i want a copy of it mate…cease is really cool, the way i like it, minimal lyrics, funky bass lines and the percussion… nice!!!

  16. simply spot on again fella !!!! gave a few copies out to some friends same reaction, blown away uplifting quality house….you need to come to play l’america in cardiff we deserve it knowledgable crowd with plenty of class and love the funk!!!
    may i thank you again !!!!

  17. Bharat – Thanks for your kinds word. Send me a mail and I’ll give you a copy of the tune.

    Steve – Thanks mate! I’d love to come down there and rock the decks. I’ll have to sort something out.

  18. Hey, Marc! Happy birthday to you or S Dnyom Rogdeniya Tebya! (in russian))))))) all the best to you cause you are cool and do a great job!)

  19. Thanks Katya. I try my best and I think that you guys and girls out there appreciate it!

  20. and I think that you guys and girls out there appreciate it! ??
    I am sure that you guys and girls out there appreciate it!
    Yes thats better ! 😉

  21. Nice one Stefan. Thanks for the wine too. Clare and I enjoyed a glass of it! Willenlos! 😉

  22. Marc, of course we do really-really appreciate and love what you do)))) otherwise this page would be empty))))) but it is not!

  23. happy [late] b’day Marc!
    hope it was a guddun!!!!! 😀

  24. Thanks Kit. It was an awesome birthday mate! Cheers!

  25. cant wait for the next mix….love thesemixes more than the podcasts..he he

  26. Thank you for this hot mix. I coudn’t get any house mix like that – now I’ve found! I hope you will play still so good black vocal house.
    Best wishes.

  27. Thanks rddfm! You’ll find plenty of quality house music here and also a house music podcast every 2 weeks. What more could you want? 😉

  28. Poznan (Poland) is in the house! 😉

  29. Big shout out to everyone in Poland! 😉

  30. which track kicks in around 38:10? Lovin that one at the moment..
    may be on the track lists, if it’s not too much trouble, indicate at which point the songs mix? just so I don’t have to recount all the songs again! If it’s hassle, then don’t worry 😉
    listening again for the millionth time!!

  31. Kit – the track you’re after is Ben Macklin “Feel Together” on the French Serial Recordings label. Not sure who will be releasing it in NZ.

    I’ll try and put down the timestamp for each tune but it might take me a while to get them released. I’ll investigate a good way to do this that doesn’t take too much time I think.

  32. Moscow (Russia) is in the house!
    S dnyem rogdenia tebya! Best wishes and keep it cool! Sory for late :((

  33. Hey Danis! Big up to my Moscow crew! 😉
    Looks like we have listeners from all around the world. I love it!
    More funky house music will be on the way soon.

  34. Remember, you promissed! heheh 😉
    Thanks to you I listen “Higher” of Morales feat. Moca again! And THIS yours hot mix of course too 🙂 (hmmm, maybe I should put it away for a few weeks to hear it always so fresh.. :P)

  35. Gee!!! What a seT!!!! I’ve been listening on Itunes for some awesome set, those you just can’t turn the music down, even off! I’ve listened it all, ’till I’ve heard your name. I’m glad I’ve had found the set on the web, ’cause it kiss ass!

    Congratulations by our birthday, and keep spinning!

    Cheers from Brasil!

    (Dj) Wally

  36. Hey DJ Wally,

    Thanks man. I’m glad you’re loving the tunes. I’m going to try and get a new mix online soon but the next podcast should be online tomorrow evening.

    DJ Cruze

  37. A cracking little mix of funk & tech ……. scorchio !

  38. Cheers mate. Glad you’re liking it!

  39. hi dj cruze! A big thank you for all these wonderful podcasts! They really touch me and they always give me a goog feeling!!! As a flight attendant w/ Lufthansa i listen to them all over the world and in Berlin, thats my home.
    Again thank you so much and -the heart is in the house-

    rolf schroeer

  40. Hey Rolf – I’m glad you’re liking the show. Hopefully I’ll see you on a Lufthansa flight soon!

  41. pimpalicious!

    Great birthday, I think it’s Tom Wellings too.

  42. Thanks! It’s also William Shakespeare’s birthday on 23rd April and strangely he also died on the same day.

  43. Hi…it’s been a year (even more), so I was just wondering, where can someone (who is not a DJ) get your track DJ Cruze presents The Funkfinders – Cease!…????

  44. Sorry man! I completely forgot to put it online.
    I’ll get it remastered and stick it online for you.

  45. wow, that’s all I needed to hear…

  46. No problems architect!