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 Friday, May 12th 2006, 4:20 pm

Tokyo Disco

If funky house music is your thing then look no further than the latest compilation, Tokyo Disco, from ex-Hed Kandi supremo Mark Doyle. I received a copy of it the other day and it’s awesome. Under his new Fierce Angels guise, Mark has yet again licenced three CDs full of quality house music.

On the first CD you’ll find some awesome string laden house music filled with the piano and rhodes harmonies that you’ve come to expect from the Tokyo Project stables. Featuring such house and garage luminaries as Eric Kupper, Juliet Roberts and Martin Solveig you’ll find that the quality stays high throughout. Although you may have heard some of these tracks in your favourite house club, you’ll find that they mostly stay on the underground side of house music. The exception to this is possibly the excellent Richard Earnshaw club mix of Martin Solveig’s “Jealousy” but you’ll still find that it’s a great track. You’ll also find a great mix of Silsonic’s “Something To Make You Feel Alright” by two relatively unkown Australians: Buzz Kitchen. I played the original on one of my earlier podcasts and this mix pumps it up a little to great effect. My personal favourites are Denis The Menace’s “Time To Turn Around”, a massive tune for me over the past six months, and the Disco-tastic “Loves Just Found Me” by Montanas.

A Tokyo Project/Fierce Angels compilation wouldn’t be complete without Eric Kupper showing up on at least one track. The ex-Degrees In Motion superstar producer and DJ shows up on two of the tracks on this CD. All of them show why he’s a much in demand producer, remixer and keyboard player.

CD2 begins with a new artist from San Francisco called Samantha James and her lovely summer builder “Rise”. Eric Kupper is on the mix again so we’re obviously talking about quality house music here. The 2nd CD then starts pumping things up a bit more with some heavy hitters from Full Intention, Michael Gray (who is actually one half of Full Intention), Danny Howells and The Freemasons. My personal favourite is the Hott22 track “No Promises” featuring the vocal talents of Bonnie Bailey. Hott22 always produce quality tunes and remixes and this has a classic piano led bassline with some awesome strings. I’m loving it!

Finally, the third CD takes us into tougher late night territory. If you like your house music deeper and dirtier then this is the CD for you. Gone are the electric pianos, pianos and strings and in come the dirty saw-tooth and square wave synths. It features older classics like “S.O.S.” from A-Studio (as featured on my last podcast), Strike’s “U Sure Do” on a Tall Paul remix (ok, so the pianos aren’t quite gone yet!) and Tall Paul’s “Rock Da House” with a Soulseekerz remix. The latter two tunes are probably the cheesiest on the compilation but they’re old favourites with fresh remixes which will work on todays dancefloors. The quality of the rest of the compilation is so hight that you can forgive Mark for including them.

In short, this album will provide you the perfect start to the summer. It’s full of house music brimming to the top with summer vibes and Ibiza flavours. I’m looking forward to the sunnier months, which are just starting here in the UK, so I can stick the CDs in my car as a pre-club warm-up or pump it out when having a BBQ. Rush out and buy Tokyo Disco NOW if you know what’s good for you!

You have to admire Mark for putting out another awesome compilation as the sleeve notes point to the fact that since leaving Hed Kandi he’s had many problems keeping his new company, Tokyo Project, afloat. Protracted legal battles and the loss of major investors left the fledgling company fighting for its life. This culminated in Mark making some of his close friends redundant. Never a nice thing to have to do as I have experienced personally. Thankfully for the house music lovers that we are, he’s decided to raid his piggy bank and start his Fierce Angels project to release more quality house music. As I often say in my podcasts, the only way people are going to continue to release quality house music is if we support them. There are enough legal music download sites (see my links section) or online music stores to be able to get hold of this compilation at a reasonable price. Is almost 4 hours of house music worth buying? I think so!

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  1. I am completely with DJ Cruze on this.

    I have long been a fan of the Hed Kandi series and invested in pretty much every single release for my personal library. One of my first ever purchases was on vinyl and I still have it on me now when I’m out DJing. Hed Kandi continued to release some of the best house tracks in the market over the last 6 years or so and it’s a shame Mark had to part ways with the company.

    When I realised he was starting the Tokyo Project label, I was one of the first to get my mits on it and could see that Mark was still destined for good things, with quality mixed albums on the way and the same quality you’d expect with the Hed Kandi club nights. It was a shame the label didn’t kick off properly but I would highly recommend investing in the Fierce Angels label. This is the first I’ve heard about it but the first thing I did was go and order my copy of Disco Heaven from Amazon. If he’s set the links up correctly, he should also gain a few extra quid on each sale if you click directly from the Fierce Angels website.

    GO BUY IT! Like Cruze says, £13 for 4 hours of quality house music? What you waiting for? That’s a bargain!

  2. Sorry – I meant Tokyo Disco, not “Disco Heaven”. My bad!

  3. “Disco Heaven” is great too mate!

  4. yo hey! lol

    im a huge fan of mark doyle and am seeking for his contact details… i am a profoundly deaf 19years old bloke whos seeking for work experience in promoting nightclubs and events… i got the whole summer availble to work my ass off…

    i am a fantastic drummer ive been told and love to create music via reason on my apple imac g5… well phat lol…

    i have promoted two nightclubs in the past year. One was funky chunky dirty house which went not too bad and drum and bass in essex which was rather good venue but only 85people came… damn shame cos have two famous djs there too and lost a bit of money…

    i find it rather hard as a deaf person but the thing is im addicted to promoting nightclubs and creating music… i dont ‘hear’ music but i feel the music from the floor and the shock waves hitting my body…

    i am sooo desperate to learn all about promoting, and to learn from my mistakes… so MARK DOYLE… PLEASE HELP ME!!! LO
    i aim to promote deaf awareness across the uk and make everyone feel welcome to my nights…

    i got the whole summer and i can work day and night… i really hope ill get someone who can teach me…

    my msn is [DJ Cruze] removed email details
    and still… feel free to email me
    cheers peeps, keep up the phat house… defo buying tokyo disco… worth it

  5. Hi Jacob – I don’t have any details for him as I am not affiliated with the company. Please try contacting him via his Fierce Angels website. The link is in the post above.

    DJ Cruze

  6. Thanks for all the kind words !

    I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’ve always DJ’ed because I love music whether I was playing in a cool club, a tacky bar, a wedding or a karaoke night (and believe me I’ve done ALL of them.” The opportunity to do the same thing with compilations was an honour and I was fortunate it became the success it did. My decision to leave was based on a need to take the whole thing further and the only way to do that was completely independently with my own company.

    So that’s what Fierce Angels is and I hope to release lots more compilations with lots more exclusives alongside tried and trusted favourites. The way it will all work is if everyone that shares the same passion spreads the word.

    Thanks again !


  7. Fierce Angels Rock and I am so proud to be a part of Mark’s musical family. Thanks for the kind words!! Heads up …Beach Angel is out next and it’s GORGEOUS!!


    Bonnie Bailey

  8. It’s great that Mark Doyle continued on after Hed Kandi and Tokyo Project. When I first saw the Hed Kandi label, I knew it was different and it had potential. Good music matched with good illustrations by Jason Brooks. It’s basically great creativity that can be seen and heard in an album. I look forward to the success of Mark and Jason, with their upcoming releases with Fierce Angel. =)

    John B

  9. Yes definitely. He has put out consistently great music on all of his labels and long may it continue.

  10. Just started reading up on Mark Doyle. Been a massive fan of hed kandi for a fair few years now. Find it slightly addictive to be honest, the kind of addiction that makes me want to buy the cd everytime a new one is released. I saw Tokyo Project in the shops when it was first released, and bought it, thinking it was a release from Hed Kandi (same artwork etc) but Mark has really surpassed himself with this new label. It’s fresh, funky and I think he could go far with it. I’ve got a massive passion for house music. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 3 years old, and my interest, especially in funky house, got passed down from my eldest sister who would frequently lend me her Hed Kandi CD’s. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Mark and the Tokyo Project. He’s got a hell of alot to be proud of.

  11. True indeed Dale. You’ll have to get producing some funky piano-based house yourself if you’ve been playing the piano since you were 3! Get in touch via the contact form.

  12. wowww yout site iss bommbbee can you schick me pics with house music?? please??