Charts : 14/05/06

 Monday, May 15th 2006, 10:28 pm
  1. Flanders – By My Side (Callea & Rispoli Mix) – Gusto
  2. Til West & DJ Delicious – Same Man – Data
  3. Danielle Bollinger – When The Broken Hearted Love Again (Soul Seekerz Mix) – EsNtion Records
  4. Danii Minogue – So Under Pressure (Soul Seekerz Mix) – AATW
  5. Supermode – Tell Me Why – Data
  6. India Arie – I Am Not My Hair (Wigged Out Mix) – Motown
  7. Rogue Traders – Voodoo Child (James Ash Remix) – Ariola
  8. Freeloaders – Now I’m Free (Freefalling) (Raul Rincon Mix) – AATW
  9. Mousse T vs The Dandy Warhols – Horny As A Dandy (Alex Gaudino & Jerma Mix) – Feverpitch
  10. Stargazer – Feel Good (Macz Mix) – Nebula
  11. Loletta Holloway – Love Sensation 06 (Freemasons Mix) – Gusto
  12. Gustavo Santaolalla – The Wings (Gabriel & Dresden Organized Nature Mix) – Universal
  13. Solu Music – Fade (Bimbo Jones Strings Mix) – Hed Kandi
  14. DJ Steve Forest vs The King – U Can’t Stop (DJ Pedro Twister Mix) – HIT! Records
  15. Sugababes – Follow Me Home (Soul Seekerz Remix) – Island
  16. Bodyrox – Yeah Yeah (D Ramirez Club Mix) – Eye Industries
  17. Solo – One Man (Original Mix) – CDR
  18. Armand Van Helden – My My My (Stonebridge Mix) – Southern Fried Records
  19. Bimbo Jones – Harlem One Stop – Columbia
  20. The Joker – Bring It Back (Your Soul) (Robbie Rivera Dub) – Hit!

9 comments about this post

  1. I am very impressed by your mixes. I live in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma USA and love house music, not a good combination for getting the latest house music. I would love it if you could give me a shout out on your next podcast. Listening to your mixes puts a smile on my face after a long stressful week at work. House will never die in my soul. Big Ups to you keep it up.

  2. Marc,
    do you remember your promises? (Tuesday, February 14th 2006, 7:44 pm)
    “(more old tapes ripped for you ….yes, especially for you Stefan F so stop complaining”

    or another one: (beginning of 2006, maybe January)
    “Quote Dj Cruze:
    “so you’ll get some other mixes from the 90s really soon. As you saw from the picture of my box full of tapes I have a lot to upload for you. How about one a month? Or maybe two if you’re really lucky!”

    This is why I am a littlebit disappointed, just announcements, no uploads! =(

    Still hoping for some old mixes!


  3. Crikey Stefan. I will do it when I have the time. I do have a life to live and a job to do too you know! In between that I am getting married so real life has to come in the way and take priority.

    It takes at least 4 hours to go from a cassette to being on the website and I simply don’t have the time at the moment. You do get a lot of great stuff for free on the site so be pleased with that. I will rip some old mixes when I get the time.

  4. Hey Thomas – thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the mixes and podcast shows.

  5. Stefan,

    I am sorry if I ranted in the comments above but I really do try and do the best for you and the rest of my listeners. I have a lot of German fans who know me already from my 13 years of DJ’ing over there. I appreciate that they want the old “Manchester House” sounds to listen to. I also have a lot of new listeners and fans who want the funky house music that I’m playing now. I try and give everyone what they want. But I also need a real life too and there are only so many hours in the day!

    I’m not just a DJ. I have to work. I have to cook. I have to see my lovely wife-to-be. I have commitments. I have family. I have house tracks I am trying to finish. I have wedding plans to make. If I was simply a DJ then things would be easier and I could give you two mixes a week. But I’m not so I’m sorry that I can’t give you what you want all of the time.

    I love everyone who supports me but don’t forget I have to pay for everything on here. Bandwidth and web hosting all costs money and I support it all from my own pocket. Come to my gigs and support me or send me a nice email thanking me for brightening up your day with some funky house music. That’s all I ask. But don’t tell me you are disappointed because I don’t give you enough.

    I really hope you appreciate what I’m saying.


  6. Hey Marc,
    trust me, I really appreciate your excellent work and the house music you provide which is free of charge. I think you know that we all love your music and I know you djing since the early 90s (Vibration Forst). I just wanted to express my disappointment, or call it impatience, because I was looking forward to your mixes that you have announced several times. And of course I know that you have a life, a job, a wife, family and additionally a time extensive hobby. I really know that your dedication and work is absolutely excellent and we are all happy about it. I think every comment we write shows our respect and appreciation regarding what you are doing (for us). So please don’t get me wrong.


  7. That’s great Stefan. Sorry to go off like that! 😉

    So now that we have kissed and made up I’d better go and rip a tape for you hadn’t I? Haha!

  8. 😉 luv you too Marc!

  9. I loved the most Flanders – By My Side (Callea & Rispoli Mix. Nice sound and wonderful vocalisti