News : 2 days and counting

 Tuesday, May 30th 2006, 11:03 pm

So the inevitable countdown to my stag weekend has begun and I’ll level with you. I’m petrified! When you’re in control of your life and you’re making your own decisions then life is good. You know where you’re heading. You can avoid life’s pitfalls and life’s strippers! When your best man, your brother and 13 other guys know what is going to happen to you and you don’t then you start to worry.

My stag weekend will begin with us meeting at Manchester airport at 10 am on Friday morning to start the weekend of drunken debauchery that only a stag weekend can fulfil. A short flight to my regular airport of choice, Frankfurt am Main, and then off to the glorious city of Mannheim for who knows what!

If you’re in the country and you’d like to join us then here’s the plan:

Friday 2nd June
We’ll be in Teledisko @ Soho in Mannheim from about 10pm. No doubt the boys and I will have sampled a few of the local German beers so I hope we’re still standing by then. We aim to start the weekend off with a bang with some funky electro and tech house supplied by our able hosts, Luke45 and Alex Harmony. I believe they have Mr Hardy Heller on the decks too. A top DJ and all round top guy! Looking forward to seeing you there for a dance and some beers. I won’t be DJ’ing so don’t expect me on the decks.

Saturday 3rd June
After a morning of sleep, and a hopefully hearty breakfast, we’ll be heading off somewhere for an afternoon of Fussball, beer and Frankfurters. I’m not sure where this will be but hopefully it’ll involve a grillplatz (a BBQ) and some meat. After that we’ll be heading out to a few bars in the early evening before the night begins in a big style. My best man, DJ Vuish, and I invite you to a night of drunken debauchery and house music at the legendary Loft Club in Ludwigshafen. Expect funky house, dirty electro, Manchester house classics, some dodgy mixing (if I am really drunk) and a massive party vibe. The lads from sunny England won’t know what’s hit them!

In between these things I’m sure that a few suprises will occur and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. If you see me tied to a lamppost then please help me to get free! 😉

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  1. Mate, you won’t know what hits you!

    Trust me – I sampled it first hand last year when my good friend Graham organised a day of drinking (more than necessary), the obligatory stripper, an unplanned visit from the Brit Pack (who were on the end of a rather unfortunate ass-grab from yours truly), followed by a few laughs at The Glee Club.

    After all this carnage, I managed to find the energy to visit Gods Kitchen where Sasha was spinning a few tunes. How I managed to stay standing at 8am in the morning I don’t know but you’d best do us married boys proud and get some tunes on the wheels of steel without fluffing the mixing too much.

    Enjoy fella and we’ll (hopefully) see you on the other side. I will be wanting all the gory details!

  2. Have a great trip! Don’t worry too much about duct tape, hand cuffs and shaving foam, I’m sure it wil all be fine! 😉


  3. Thanks mate! I’m sure the pictures will be on the internet by the time I’m home so you’ll all be able to laugh at me!

  4. bring. it. on.

  5. We’re bringing it Kev. Be prepared!

  6. lol.. good luck mate! it’ll be a blast!

  7. Loudspeaker announcement: *Attention please: Little Kevin seems to have lost his head. He thinks it may be firmly lodged somewhere between the cheeks he never kisses.*

    What a weekend! Top!

    Big love to you and all the lads who were there. Absolutely great boys, I had a wild time!


  8. have a blast mate!!!! congrats!!!