News : Nelly Furtado remix

 Saturday, June 10th 2006, 5:46 pm

The link should now be live again. I’ve got no idea what happened there. The MP3 was online yesterday! It should be back there now and it will 8 minutes and 15 seconds long and 11.3 MB. If it’s not then let me know please.

Here’s the link if you came here via a search engine.

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  1. Wheres the link?

  2. Right below on the main page of this site:


  3. Cheers Marc! I got the download before it vanished on your server yesterday or so… And it’s just so nice …. it’s so smooth….

  4. Absolutely wicked! Hope you don’t mind Marc, but I’ll stick on my next podcast if that’s ok? What’s next on the list of Funkfinders remixes?

  5. Nice one mate. Stick it on your podcast by all means!

    I’ll be in the studio again in the next week so look out for a new tune from The Funkfinders. I might get a tougher tune going too so watch this space!