Review : Asle – Golden Sun (Haji & Emanuel Mix)

 Friday, June 16th 2006, 7:00 pm

Hot track alert!

You know I love funky house but sometimes there’s a tune that comes out that rocks your world and just stays in your head all day. This is that track. I’ve just put it on my previous podcast and I can’t stop listening to it over and over again.

The track, “Golden Sun”, is absolutely amazing and it’s by a hot Danish producer called Asle Bjorn. He has been producing for many years now, releasing tunes on his own Blowout Records label and also Positiva, Oven Ready, Tommyboy, Whoop, Yoshitoshi and Big Star. His releases tend to be of the pumping variety with a few tribal and tech-house sounds thrown in for good measure. On his original mix of “Golden Sun” we find it starting with a deep and dark bassline before breaking down to the gorgeous female vocals. Then the latin piano riff starts and it’s like watching a golden sun rise from the horizon. But the awesome remix by Seamus Haji and Paul Emanuel, which is the version I prefer, adds tougher drums and funky 80s styled bassline along with some warm pads to help the tune along. Thankfully it still has that nagging piano riff which I can’t get it out of my head! I can’t wait to hear this tune while walking along a lovely sandy beach at sunset, preferably with a cold beer in my hand.

You can pick a 12″ up here or an digital download here. Go and buy it now!

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  1. Na dann Prost !
    “Cheers” for the englisch people out there !
    Awesome tune !

  2. yea mate…agree with u a 100 pecent ..its an awesome track…stays in ur head n haunts it.. it would sound awesome on full blast on the a huge sound system!!

  3. Really a nice summer tune! I bought it on though, is it still valid now? 😉

  4. nice track indeed!

  5. Dom – you can buy it where you like mate! Vinyl, CD, MP3 – it’s all good baby!

  6. Oh My Gosh!! This tune takes me back to the White Isle!! Love it!!!

  7. It’s a massive tune Lindz! Get downloading the podcast and you’ll hear it in the mix.

  8. I looove this song.
    Every time I listen to it, I’m grateful to be in Miami!
    This song has such good vibes.

  9. It’s a fantastic tune isn’t it Jen?