Podcasts : Episode #19 – Watch The Sunrise

 Thursday, July 27th 2006, 12:19 am
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Date: 26th July 2006
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It’s been far too long since the last show again, sorry about that. As most of you know, I’m getting married in a few weeks time (actually nearer to two weeks now) so life is pretty hectic. This show will be the last for a month now so I hope you enjoy it. It’s full of summery vibes and I’m loving the tunes. Enjoy!

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

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  1. Hey Dj !!!!

    Great Great !!!
    10 Stars For Me !!!! With my favorite song Jetsetter from Ian CArrey !!!
    The new Basement jaxx is dealy !!!!i like this song! huuuush Booooy !!!lalalalalaaaaaaa!!!

    Thanks U so much for ur set !!!
    i downloaded each episode …. i like all !!!

    Merci Beaucoup !!! A tres Bientot !!! for A next Episode !!!!

    Evans /Damien/ Dj D-Az

  2. Hey Evans!

    Thanks mate. Glad you’re loving it and sorry it took a while to appear.
    The original mix of “Hush Boy” by Basement Jaxx is awesome and so is the remix.
    A fantastic selection of summer tunes, even if I do say so myself! 😉


  3. Hey mate! Awsome podcast as always and the song Watch The Sunrise really rocks!!!
    Great tunes in this last podcast before you are getting married!
    Wish you all the luck in this new episode of your life, enjoy, have fun, take some time out and not only me but I am pretty sure that everyone is looking forward to hearing from you again!!

    Cheers mate!!!

  4. Yes Mate this one has it all !
    I like that Per QX – Buffalos Dance Tune
    and especially the Classic Tune.
    Cheers Stefan

  5. Marco – Thanks for your kind words! I’m really looking forward to getting married and then just chilling out for a while. But don’t worry, the show will be back with a bang in September.

    Stefan – Thanks mate! Yes, there are some hot tunes on this week’s show!

  6. Hay mate thanks for the great show!
    “Soulcast” someone like me is the get down this tune rocks so much!I also like easy from “trick & kubic”
    both tunes are damn hot.
    I wish you all the best for the coming wedding and i also wish you a unforgettable honeymoon with your wife 😉

  7. Hey Marc, great cast! Thanks for the shout out last episode. Good luck w/ the marriage and all, have fun on Oahu, I was there last year, it’s great.

    – Niels

  8. My vote: 10.
    I wish to hear some day 100%-black-vocal-house mixed by you.
    Best wishes! 🙂

  9. Nice! I love it.
    I remember “good old days”. (Oh, that’s 90’th)
    I think that “Digging in the crate” is amazing!
    Maybe you can make podcast of “good old tunes”. What do you think?


    P.S. Nine stars 😉

  10. Cruze, I want to thank you for ::Watch.the.sunrise:: That’s one of best songs for me:)
    To everyone who like this piece: I recommend extended version
    “Axwell feat Steve Edwards – Watch The Sunrise – Vocal Dub Mix”

  11. Sascha – Thanks man! Yes, Soulcast rocks! There’s lots of hot tunes coming from Oxyd at the moment and you’ll hear a lot of them here first on my podcast!

    Niels – No problem mate! We’re going to have a lot of fun in Oahu I think! Then off to Kauai and San Francisco. It’s going to be awesome!

    RDDFM – I’ll try and get a vocal house mix done soon. Watch this space.

    Danis – I’m going to be posting an old mix that I did whilst I’m away (using the deferred post feature in WordPress). So check the website for that. But yes, an old tunes podcast would be a really good idea.

  12. been listerning to you for a month or so now……..Hmm seemed to have cleared a load off my pod as these mixes are the doggs
    keep them comming
    all the best for the wedding 😉

  13. “Watch the sunrise” this is The tune!!!
    Keep the good ones coming for us Cruze!!

    Cheers Mate!!

  14. Hi Mr DJ

    Many congrats on getting hitched! Enjoy Hawai.

    I loved the summery feel of Nuala – El Sol, I’m bopping away at my desk here looking out at 90 degree heat from an air conditioned office.


  15. Stumacher – Thanks mate. Glad you’re making room for me on your pod!

    Marco – “Watch the sunrise” is a massive tune my friend. I hope Brazil is rocking to it.

    Justin – Is it Mr. HJ that I used to work with? Respect mate! Cheers for the congrats. Hawaii is going to be amazing! 😉

  16. Hey mate, how are you doing? Are you off to your honeymoon yet? If not check out this song, you might’ve heard of course, if you have it in a remix version would be off the hook “doobie brothers – without love”! If you can play it for me along with a shout out would be perfect!

    Cheers Marco

  17. Cruze,

    Again a fine set. Somewhat harder than the others but
    still very good.
    Enjoy the wedding and ofcourse the honeymoon. Who wouldn’t
    want to go there!
    One question: Are you going to mix at your own wedding party? 🙂

    Greetz, enjoy and hope to hear from you when you get back.


  18. Marco – Not off on my honeymoon until August 15th so two weeks to go! There is a great Sure Is Pure remix of Doobie Brothers “Long Train Running” (which is the song you are talking about). I’ll dig it out for a Cruze classic on another show.

    Lode – I only think one tune is harder on this show! So not too tough! I won’t be DJ’ing at my wedding as I’ll be too busy enjoying the day. We have someone else so we’ll see if he can mix like me! Haha! 😉

  19. Thanks mate!
    I am feeling like kind important asking a classic…hhahahhahahaah
    Yeah if you can dig it out on your next podcast will be awesome!!!
    I am waiting for another shout out if you please, my friend!!

    Thank you very much for the attention and God Bless funky music!!

    Cheers mate!

  20. AWESOME !



  21. Cheers Sizen! Glad you’re enjoying it mate!

  22. Alright geez… well whaddayaknow, new Podcast has been up for a week and I’ve been too busy at work to notice… how naff is that?!

    Judging by the comments above I’d better get downloading and grooving pronto, Tonto!

    Have a fab wedding day and a relaxing and wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii and Frisco. I know you’re going to have a great time, but be prepared, it’s going to exceed your expectations :-)… which is nice.

    Party on mate, tough love…


  23. p.s.:

    Suggestion for Cruze classic on first post-wedding podcast:

    wait for it….

    “3 is Family” … haha! … *winkwinknudgenudge*

  24. Cheers Kev. The wedding and honeymoon are going to be fantastic mate. I can’t wait.
    Can’t believe your slack and missed the podcast! I don’t know.

    Yes, great idea for a classic and it’s already on my list of future classics!

    Cheers mate,

  25. Marc … Love the tunes in this current cast …

    And congrats on your wedding and have a great honeymoon:)

  26. Hey Melissa – Excellent! I’m glad you’re digging the tunes. Hopefully there will be a couple of mixes going live while I’m away on my honeymoon so check back to find them!

  27. Marc…once again absolutely “willenlos”!!!

    …jumpin´ around the flat 🙂

    Now I´ll wish U two an unforgetable wedding
    and good relaxing on Hawai…

    All the best
    from Wiesbaden

  28. Thanks Flo! Some of the tunes definitely are “willenlos”!
    We’re looking forward to Hawaii and can’t wait to go and chill out.
    Catch up with you once we’re back!


  29. Almost drove the car into a ditch on my way home from work after cranking up ‘Someone Like Me’ – an absolutely haunting tune! I think we’ve finally hit a milestone; someone asked me what radio station I was listening to… told them Cruze FM 😉

  30. Glad you’re loving the tune Dave OJ but no crashing please! I need the listeners! Haha! 😉
    With the amount of listeners I’m getting to each show though it’s getting a bit like Cruze FM! I’ll be syndicated around the world before you know it!

  31. Dude, what a hot podcast. I have to listen to this one in the gym during my workout. It keeps me motivated even when i’m tired. The classic Janice Robinson Children, can’t find it anywhere. Any suggestions on how I can get my hands on it? Keep rocking.

  32. Thanks Bill! I’m glad I’m helping you to work out.

    The Janice Robinson track came out on a Manchester (UK) label in 1995 so it might be pretty rare. Have a look on Hard To Find Records website and you might find it.

  33. This is my favorite podcast, for sure. I am loving Watch the Sunrise, and well, pretty much all the songs.

    Great mix. 🙂

    (Sorry if this posts twice)

  34. Thanks Kelsey and no, it didn’t post twice!