Mixes : Hey Mr DJ Mix – June 1994

 Monday, August 28th 2006, 6:00 pm
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Mixed: June 1994
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So here’s an MP3 rip of an old mix that I did way back in 1994. I’d just got a new mixer and I was testing it out so expect plenty of scratching! I’ll get a tracklisting done once I’m back from Hawaii. Enjoy!


  1. Screen II – Mr DJ (Dasilva / McCreary Remix) – Cleveland City Records
  2. Banging From The Bedroom – Let Me In (To Your Life) (Xen Mantra Revamp) – Gash Records
  3. Tonja Dantzler – In And Out Of My Life (Original Mix) – Lady Bird Records
  4. ??? – ??? Another one to look up! It’s either Xen Mantra or D.O.P.
  5. ??? – ???
  6. Pascal’s Bongo Massive – Pere Cochon (I Like It) (Where Ya Goin? Factory Mix) – Tribal US
  7. Masters Of The Monotonal Groove – To Kill Or Be Killed – 3 Beat Music
  8. Roller Coaster – My Geetar Hertz (Original Mix) – Higher State Records
  9. Way Out West – Montana (Let Yourself Go) – Terra Firma
  10. Nush – U Girls (Shake It Club Mix) – Blunted

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12 comments about this post

  1. Marc, cool! More of that classic stuff…love it!

  2. Hi !
    Great to have a new OLD Mix !
    Hope u 2 do well over there in Hawaii !
    Cant wait to have you here in good old Germany ….
    for some Mindflipping House Skool …
    cheers Stefan

  3. Hey Mr Cruze, that’s what I was looking for! Thanks so muuuuuuch. Enjoy your honeymoon on Hawaii and btw the weather in Europe sux atm, so take your time.

    Stefan F.

  4. A ’94 mix, from the year when it all kicked off bigtime for the Vuishster and yourself @ Vibration… very nice… Happy dayz woz themz. I guess I’d better download it then…

  5. ….me again. Absolutely amazing mix, can’t stop listening to it. It was worth waiting for. Vibration is in the house. Luv it Marc, maybe we can also get side b of the mix? 😉

  6. this is the Vibration sound!!!!I Love you baby
    More,more more

  7. Memories……showing my age!

  8. Thanks for the love guys. I’ll get a tracklisting done for it as soon as the jet-lag has worn off and I get some more sleep!

    Rob – I’m showing my age too as I’d already been DJ’ing for 6 years in 1994! Scary!

  9. Tracklisting has now been added. I’ll find out the names of the unknown songs when I get home. Or if you know them then post in the comments!

  10. Wooow. yeah baby.I was a young boy in the vibration Club and listen your music.
    was the best 🙂
    see me rocking in the loft club.

  11. man this is a realy vibration styl mix.
    and i still love you scratching )))

  12. Thanks Kai. Check out the latest podcast (episode #21) as I do plenty of scratching on that too!