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 Monday, September 11th 2006, 6:00 pm

DJ Asle Bjorn
I’ve written about the amazing Danish producer Asle Bjorn before when he released his 2006 classic tune Golden Sun. For me it’s one of the classic songs of 2006 and is in most of my DJ sets when I’m playing out. At the time I wrote about him I didn’t really know who he was even though I’d heard a couple of his tunes before. Since then I’ve got to know him well via email and he’s a great guy as well as a fantastic producer.

Although he’s been DJ’ing for years he has only just started releasing his mixes as podcasts so you have to check them out. You can download them in iTunes or you can cut an paste the following direct RSS link into your podcatcher of choice:

You can be guaranteed of some funky house music and dirty electro beats from Asle on a regular basis and you’ll also get some exclusives straight from his studio. Make sure you add this hot mix feed to your podcast collection as soon as you can!

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  1. Adding done !
    The Podcast is a bit harder than yours …. But really cool !
    And he has a great feeling for Flow and Music !
    Really Nice
    Cheers Stefan

  2. Yes, Asle plays a tougher sound but he still rocks!

  3. i enjoy Podcasting on my desktop PC. it really helps me share my ideas and thoughts over the internet-`-