DJ Dates : Loft Club, Saturday 30th September 2006

 Tuesday, September 12th 2006, 4:00 am

It’s that time again for me to return to one of my favourite clubs in Germany, The Loft Club in Ludwigshafen. I’m back on the decks with my main man DJ Vuish and we’ll be helping Alex Harmony to celebrate his birthday. Alex and my other main homeboy Luke45 will be mixing their dirty tech house too. So get your ass down to the club and you’ll hear some funky house music, some dirty electro and some cheeky Cruze classics in the mix. Get there early as the club is normally a lock out! You remember what happened when we rocked it last time?! (Yes, I’m trying to forget about when I DJ’ed in Lederhosen! Haha!)

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  1. Great man!
    Hope to see you there to make party hard like the last time 🙂

  2. I´ll be there and if I have to come by bike !
    Anyway the Jägermeister is on me….
    Cheers Stefan

  3. Great stuff guys. I look forward to seeing you both there.

  4. Hi Marc,

    glad that you’re back from your honeymoon trip … 😉
    tried to reach you the last two days … but nobody at home 😉
    looking forward to see you in 3 weeks … yeah !!!

    say Hallo to your wife …

    cheers Alex

  5. Alex – I’m in this evening so give me a ring.

  6. Saturday will be hardcore….Alex’s B-Day,Manchester in the house and I am home alone ;0)

  7. You’re home alone? Then I’m very, very scared! 😉

  8. Ready,set go …………. England is coming home!
    Tomorrow will be brill ……… and the Jägermeister is already waiting for you guys

  9. Hey Luke!

    Yeah, looking forward to it man. It’s time to rock!

    Mr Cruze

  10. dj cruze you rock my world

  11. hey Marc,

    it was a rocking night in the Loft club.
    was absolutly wicked..
    you have see me rocking all the time.
    manchaster was back in the house.

    Vuish was relly good..

    Thank you for playing my Track:-)


  12. Luftwaffe – Thanks! I try my best.

    Florian – Glad you enjoyed the night mate and it was good seeing you. Hopefully I’ll be back in the Loft soon to rock it again!

  13. “The end was the greatest.” I love all that songs you played the last half an hour.

  14. Thanks Bianca. I’m glad you enjoyed it.