Review : Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

 Thursday, September 14th 2006, 2:00 pm

Fedde Le Grand

Now this is possibly the hottest track of Ibiza 2006 and possibly one of the biggest electro-house tunes of the year. It’s called “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” and it’s by Fedde Le Grand, and not Fedde Le Grande as some people seem to be writing. He’s a hot new producer and DJ out of Holland. That said, he’s been a hot club DJ in Holland since 1998 but he’s only just becoming a rising star here in the UK and this blazing track is helping to raise his profile.

Pete Tong has been championing Fedde’s track since May 2006 when he crowned it “Essential New Tune”. Originally coming out on the Dutch Flamingo Recordings in April of this year it soon got signed by CR2 Records and has since been pushed into the hands of the hottest DJs like Sander Kleinenberg, Tom Novy, Mark Knight and Roger Sanchez. The original mix of the tune has a minimal bassline but it’s so annoyingly catchy you won’t stop humming it all day. Add on top of that the building “put your hands up for Detroit… a lovely city” vocals and you’ve got a winning tune. Other mixes that I received were from Till West and DJ Delicious who add their tribal electro drums and 80s vibes to the track and also my personal favourite from Australia’s TV Rock & Dirty South Melbourne Militia. They add a tough and dirty bassline, some breakbeat drums and some extra vocals and it rocks hard! Pick a copy of this remix if you can find it.

Also, look out for his next tune Just Trippin’ which features great vocals from MC Gee and is coming out on Toolroom Records. Fedde Le Grand is a hot producer who’s only getting hotter.

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  1. Yes Man!
    This tune rocks!
    Just wondering why you wrote “look out for his next tune JUST TRIPPIN is coming out.
    Have already a copy of this record in my case πŸ™‚ and it´s also a absolut fantastic poroduction.
    If i can manage it to upload a mix where i have stick this tune on it i will send you a link;)

  2. Sascha – Ok, it was an ambigous phrase (which means it has more than one meaning if you don’t know the word). When I said “is coming out” I meant “it is being released on Toolroom records” not “it is coming out soon and isn’t out yet”. πŸ˜‰

  3. Sorry ! I know that my english is very bad ;)But i have already learned something new.
    Cheers man

  4. No problems at all! You speak better English than I do German!
    It’s hard to write a blog which is read by so many different nationalities without someone misunderstanding me.

  5. is it a lovely city or i love this city?

  6. Hey Yo – I thought he said “I love this city” when I first heard it but I think he says “a lovely city”. Listen carefully and tell me what you think.

  7. hehe…
    It’s: “Put your hands up for detroit, OUR lovely city.” πŸ˜‰

  8. Maybe you’re right but I’m not sure. Do you know where the sample is from? Is it Fedde or from somewhere else?

  9. The guy sounds like a dude from the rap group D12…. oh and they’re from Detroit too!

  10. There’s a new version of this track with a D12 vocal on it. I don’t really think it’s as good as the original though!

  11. hu has heared the manchester one

  12. There seems to be alot of debate about the lyrics of this track πŸ˜‰ personally , i think it doesn’t matter as the beat is better than the words anyway

  13. I agree Grim!

  14. yeah… if that’s the song i’m thinking of it’s pretty damn good… great job it’s all over lebanon cruze.. great job man.. my friends from mix fm and N R J are hookin me up with it…

  15. Thanks Bullet!

  16. im searchin for the oriental remix of that song “put ur hands up for detroit”, i hope it’s here.

  17. Hey Ziko. I’m not sure I’ve heard that remix so it’s not here. Sorry.

  18. Hey in your song is it ‘í love this city’ or ‘a lovely city’ or is it ‘a loveless city’??
    lots of love eliza

  19. Hey Eliza,

    This is a big talking point!
    I think it says “a lovely city” but I’m not 100% sure!

  20. hey guys! interesting convo on what is actually said in put your hands up for detroit, i always thought they said “i love this city”… but all the suggestions mentioned above sound good too and could fit in perfectly well with the song. would b good to know tho. by the way has anyone got any good songs that they recommend i download?

  21. Hey Dani – Just check out my weekly charts for ideas for new tunes to download. Click on “charts” at the top of the page and you’ll see the latest tunes.

  22. heyya guys if u listen carefully he actually says “a lovely city” i no this cuz i have the lyrics… so yeh

    luv ya MWA xoxo

  23. If you know Fedde and he’s told you what the sample is, or you know the sample, then I’d still leave it open to interpretation Karla. If you’ve got the “lyrics” (there aren’t really any lyrics as such!) from the net then I’d not be sure they’re 100% correct.

  24. A lovely city? Have any of you actually been there? I think Detroit’s a great place but lovely? Not in a million years. Trust me.

  25. Haha! I’ve never been Toke but thanks for your comment.
    It’s a city built around the motor industry isn’t it?

  26. i think he says ‘our lovely city’

  27. I’m sure he said A LOVELY CITY…

  28. Maybe Manuel. Maybe not!

  29. It does say our lovely city

  30. Unless someone finds the sample or asks Fedde I think we can all guess forever.
    And it doesn’t really matter – it’s a great track!

  31. He’s talking about Detroit being lovely in the sense that techno-esque-music was created there. Hence, DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) celebration coming up memorial day weekend. It’s only recently that D-Town was associated with thugs and rappers. Being that he’s from Holland he’s given credit for where it is due, to Detroit..!

  32. Yeah, I agree Kelsey. Credit to Detroit for being one of the originators of the original ‘Techno’ sound (although some may argue it was born out of the post-disco Italo movement). Anyway, Detroit techno rocked back in the 80s and early 90s! πŸ˜‰

  33. Bravo for the thoughtful read about this topic.

  34. hey!
    ironically, I was just looking for a sample of the vocals of this track, and this thread came up on the first page of google search!
    And, since hearing the same sample over and over, I’ve just come across another very different track that uses the same sample, and I used to think he said ‘i love this city’, but after hearing the same sample on a different track, I’m now hearing ‘a loveless city’.. deeeeep