Review : Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar 2006

 Monday, September 25th 2006, 2:00 pm

Sometimes I get sent a remix of a track and it makes me think “why oh why is it being remixed again for the millionth time?” and I have to admit that this was my first reaction when I got sent the classic “Cafe Del Mar” by Energy 52. Having a quick flick through discogs it seems that after its release in 1993 on Germany’s Eye Q Records label it has been released almost every year since on various other labels. The most noteable remix, i.e. the remix that most people know, is the Three N One Mix in 1998 on Hooj Choons. So do we need another remix?

Well, Blackburn’s All Around The World label have decided to give us the 2006 remixes and have enlisted a group of A-list remixers to have a go at this classic. On this package you’ll find the obligatory classic remixes from Three N One and Michael Woods plus some new mixes from Raul Rincon, Tall Paul (warning: this site has many pop-up windows! Why Paul? Why?), Soul Seekerz, K-Klass (come on lads, get a website!) and Kenny Hayes. So what do they sound like then?

The remix package kicks off with the best remix in my opinion. Germany’s Raul Rincon gives us a his trademark crisp percussion, filtered funk bassline and funky keys. The breakdown has some nice electric piano keys followed by his Italian piano house style key stabs plus some interesting African style chants. All in all a great remix which I’m playing out. Check it out on episode #21 of the podcast if you want to hear it in the mix.

Next up comes the tougher mix from the UK’s Tall Paul. His mix is very old school with a CLS synth-stabbed bassline and much of the original breakdown kept in tact. Personally I think this sounds a bit dated but some people might still enjoy it. Then comes the hot production team of the moment that is Soul Seekerz. Their mix is a funk fuelled extravaganza with a nice high-pass filtered lead synth. It’s almost a progressive house mix which builds nicely to the breakdown which contains some nice new pads.

Remix number four on the package is from Manchester’s finest and possibly longest serving house producers, K-Klass. They slow things down a bit and gives us an en-vogue electronic bassline with some guitar style synth stabs. Although sounding slightly dated they do try and do something a bit different with the breakdown and give us a different melody with the string pads. This is then followed up by a lovely classical sounding build up. It’s not quite got the impact of the other mixes but the change of style is interesting. The last new remix in the package comes from AATW’s in-house remixer, Kenny Hayes. It’s a well produced trance version of the tune which I’m sure will go down well in the harder clubs around the world even if it isn’t really my thing.

So should you buy it? If you’re a funky house DJ and you want a version to play out in your club, then definitely pick it up for the Raul Rincon and Soul Seekerz mixes. If you’re a trance DJ and you’re looking for a fresh update then I’m not sure this package will add much to your collection.

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  1. The Michael Woods remix is so funny! I played it once at a chill-out and everybody felt a bit confused “I know this… isn’t this…?” 😉

  2. Yeah, it’s a confusing but beautiful chill-out version!

  3. Hi Marc,
    I have a question to you: do you still have some recordings of one of your legendary Milk! dj-sets and is there any chance that you upload one of them?


  4. Hey Stefan – Yes I do somewhere but it’s a terrible copy. I’ll dig it out and see if I can clean it up.

  5. Hi Marc,

    it was fantastic on Saturday!! I hope to see you again at the Loft as soon as possible!!



  6. Marc, that would be great mate. Appreciate it!


  7. Alex – Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be getting my next gig dates sorted soon.

  8. Where can i get a copy of the Cafe Del Mar 2006 Remixes???????

  9. yeah i too want to know where i can get it – promo still?

  10. I got sent a promo of it and I’m not sure if and/or when it’s coming out.
    You can get it on the Fierce Angel compilation if you want the Raul Rincon mix.
    You can find it here.