News : Mindflipping House at The Loft Club

 Tuesday, October 3rd 2006, 12:30 pm

DJ Cruze is rocking the house!

What a night we had at The Loft Club on Saturday night! Did the party rock or what?

Thanks to everyone who came down to see us play. The gig was fantastic and from the reaction we received I think that you guys enjoyed it too. Big love to both the birthday boy Alex Harmony and to our main man Luke45 who wined and dined us on Saturday evening. They also rocked the feet of the party people in the Loft. It was a fantastic night!

Big tunes of the night for me had to be Fedde Le Grand “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (TV Rock & Dirty South Melbourne Militia Mix)”, Spiller’s “Jumbo”, DJ Jose “Stepping To The Beat (Dave McDonald Mix)” and of course Energy 52 “Cafe Del Mar (Raul Rincon Mix)”.

If you want to check out some pictures then have a look here: party pictures
Subculture pictures #1
Subculture pictures #2
Subculture pictures #3

Thanks again to all of the party people who made the night special and I’ll see you there again soon.

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  1. …and ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp Dressed Man’! How could you miss that out?

  2. Yes what a great Night we had !
    Nice Music … nice People …. ca I get some more ??
    Willelos !
    Cheers Stefan
    Marc – Can you remember my request for the Classic Tune ??

  3. Ah yes, “Sharp Dressed Man”. How could I forget?!
    It was actually quite housey mate so it went down well.
    But as for your amazing mix of Foreigner, I’m not so sure!

    Stefan – I can’t remember which tune you said. Mail me or post it on here.

  4. This night was damn hot !
    Hope that more of the german DJ.Cruze fans come down to the loft club next time.
    speak soon,

  5. It certainly was mate! A great party was had by everyone that was there.

  6. it plainly roxxored. Was good to chat & boogie again…

    cheers for the voddie & redbull!



  7. No probs Kev! I enjoyed our drunken conversations.

  8. Damn, I missed it. 🙁 I’m really down now – reading your lines.

    Well, next time I’ll be there again.


  9. Sorry I didn’t let you know Thorsten.
    I’ll email you in advance next time and we can party hard!

  10. Well, I could have a look at your site more often or check the Loft website. 😉 So don’t worry.


  11. No problems mate! Hopefully you’re back in Ludwigshafen so we’ll hook up when I’m next in Germany.

  12. Yes, I am! Living in Lu since Feb.06. So whenever you’re around – just give me a call/mail/hint 😉


  13. Cool man! I’ll see you in Ludwigshafen for a beer soon then.