News : Podcast delay until the weekend

 Tuesday, November 7th 2006, 6:00 pm

BSOD - Strongbad to the rescue!
Sorry guys and girls but this week’s podcast has been delayed due to the untimely death of my PC. My hard drive finally gave up and has died a horrible death. Thankfully I was wise enough to keep all of my important data on a second hard drive so I don’t think I’ve lost much of my work or tunes. I now have to go through the laborious task of reinstalling all of my music software so I can record the podcast again. This may take a few nights but hopefully I’ll be sorted for the weekend. I’ve got the B-side of the “Hey Mr. DJ” mix to upload so I’ll try and get that uploaded for you instead.

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  1. Bad news !
    Really bad news !
    Hope the luck is on your site ..may your harddrive rest in peace !
    dont forget my classic ..
    Cheers Stefan

  2. Yea, yea sometimes technology is not great…..isn’t it??
    May your PC rest in peace and hopefully your PC didn’t had to suffer too much.
    But looking forward to hear the B-side of “Hey Mr.DJ”


  3. Hi Marc,

    you should buy a MAC 😉 .. hehe …
    no virusses anymore 😉

    cheers your friend Alex

  4. Stefan and Nicole – My data is all fine but when you have to reinstall the OS and all of your apps then it takes time.

    Alex – No viruses. It was a dying hard drive. That can still happen on a Mac you know! 😉

  5. It’s all about RAID systems… 😛

  6. True indeed Dom. Depends on whether you can be bothered to set it up! 😉

  7. Love the mixes Marc.. I thought they had a 2Kinky influence before I realised you are you.. lol

    The post modern sleaze mixs brings back memories of boogieing on the podium opposite the DJ box and congo player at Holy City . You have defo provided some of the best nights I ever had.. Will have to get along and see you play soon..

  8. Respect MrPickle! Yes, I am the Marc Littlemore of 2Kinky fame! They were good times in Holy City Zoo weren’t they? Thanks for the kind words!

  9. Do you not just hate that when it happens. “Computer says no!!!”. I think everyone learns the hard way normally. Atleast your data is fine 🙂

    Changing the subject slightly the snow is finally coming, give it a couple of weeks and you’ll be able to head up here for some boarding… Maybe something to look forward to and take your mind off you pc problems.

    Look forward to the next podcast


  10. Thanks Si. Yeah, computers are great when they work but rubbish when they don’t!

    Snow! How I love the snow! I’m off to France in February for my boarding fix. Enjoy!

  11. Well mate, shit happens! Don’t worry, it will certainly happen again some time in the future! It is just a matter of time!
    Sorry to be pessimistic like that mate, but I have had all kinds of problems with my PC and have lost so many important files so many times, that makes me encourage you to be more prepared in the future! And we cannot forget that when everything is running smooth we have the blackouts to helps us loose everything we didn’t save. Still, I love technology and its benefits, specially Ipods!

    Take it easy!

    Marco Pinheiro

  12. The podcast is coming soon. I promise that I’ve not forgotten about it.