Mixes : Hey Mr DJ Mix (Side B) – June 1994

 Wednesday, November 15th 2006, 3:30 pm
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Mixed: June 1994
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As promised last week here is the b side of an old mix I did way back in 1994. You’ll find plenty of old tunes here and lots of cutting and scratch. I’ve tried to master the MP3 as best I could but it’s still a bit crackly with some heavy (i.e. distored!) bass in parts.

There are plenty of classic house tunes on here and it’ll make you smile if you’re old enough to remember them. If you’re not, then make sure you still download it as the tunes are fantastic! Here’s a vague tracklisting for you too. I’ll fill in the tune names as I remember them and feel free to post some comments below if you remember the name of the tunes before I do. Enjoy!


  1. ??? – ???
  2. Hed Boys – Girls & Boys – Seka Records – (x 2 copies – cut it up DJ!)
  3. Lisa B – You and Me (Cleveland City Shining Mix) – White label
  4. ??? – ???
  5. God Within – The Phoenix – White label (An absolutely classic tune by Scott Hardkiss.)
  6. ??? – ???
  7. The Cotton Club – Just Play The Music – Fantastic Records (From the Rock EP.)
  8. ??? – ???
  9. Screen II – Let The Record Spin – Cleveland City Records
  10. ??? – ???

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10 comments about this post

  1. Alright geeez…

    You really mean to say you forgot the names of the tunes that helped you to fame in Vibration? Shame on you! I guess you’d better start diggin’ in the crates!



  2. It’s been a hard day mate and I’m getting old!
    I can visualise the covers of the tunes but can’t remember the names of them.
    I’ve got far too many tracks to remember them all! 😉

  3. sheesh… excuses upon excuses, y’old man! I was merely jesting… listening to it certainly brings back a lot of memories though… swimming in the lake at Vibration in the middle of the night, talking codsh*t to strangers all night long, and dancing all night like nobody’s watching… good times were had, mate *nostalgia-mode-engaged*

  4. I know you were jokng mate! 😉
    Good times were had at Vibration mate! Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

  5. Yes youre right it was a great time ….
    Good to hear the B side of this mix …luv this one !
    Hope to see you soon in good old germany ??
    Cheers Stefan

  6. Thanks Stefan.

    I’m still hassling promoters for the gigs but I’ve had no emails back yet! 🙁

  7. heya Mark nise mix again the Bside )))
    man i hope you in germany soon so i can see and hear you again after along time 🙂

    lol i was in a club last weekend where is near to me and told the boss from this club to lisent to some of you mixes ))
    maby he will send you a e-mail next year when he need some new sound in his club.

  8. Thanks Kai. I’d love to DJ at any club so thanks for helping out!

  9. you guys just blew me away with the hed boy girls and boys mix. i could have almost been back in the day
    god love you ……james (definateley old enough) whittington

  10. Cheers James. Glad you liked the cutting up of “Girls and Boys”. Cutting up a couple of the same records used to be a bit of a trademark of mine. It’s the old b-boy in me!