News : Nelly Furtado Remix Fame

 Tuesday, November 28th 2006, 7:23 pm

Nelly Furtado remix collection
Even though I didn’t manage to make any money off my Nelly Furtado remix it looks like a couple of internet entrepreneurs have made some money from selling my remix.
Have a look at these ebay auctions: auction #1 and auction #2.

I might have to email the people involved and get a copy of the CD for myself as it looks quite professionally packaged! If only you were actually allowed to sell bootlegs and remixes of artists then I’d be a rich man! Well, maybe not that rich but it would have been a nice little Christmas present! Isn’t the internet a great place for media if people treat my remix as an exlusive? In my opinon, the more people that hear my sounds, the better.

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  1. hmm, aren’t you mad about this? I would be a bit – let’s say – pissed, if they haven’t at least just drop a mail to ask you…. Don’t know.


  2. Is quite bad that someone has downloaded a variety of different remixes which people have put alot of work into and then sold them for the price of a cdr and a cd case print out. So looking at one auction finished on £16 ish they make £15.50 profit…..

  3. They earn money with your work ….
    an all they dit is to burn it on a CD
    an sell it for £16 ….. (Geht´s noch ??)
    Cheers Stefan

  4. I’m a bit 50/50 on this. Yes – the exposure is ace but it’s not particularly fair that some other egit is profitting off your work.

    If I saw the One Phat DJ mixes for auction on Ebay and it went for anything over a fiver, I know I’d be p*ssed off that I’d spent all that time (and money on bandwidth) for someone else to go and make money on my work.

    It’s exactly the same as reselling illegal software IMO.

  5. No I’m not really mad about it. I might do a blog post about this now and explain.

  6. dude, that sux. it’s a wicked mix too.

  7. adoro as tuas musicas