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 Thursday, November 30th 2006, 6:00 pm

Switch aka Dave Taylor

If you’ve never heard of Switch then you’ve been missing one of 2006’s most prolific dirty house and electro producers. Better known as Dave Taylor, Switch has been producing filthy house music for the past three or four years but 2006 has definitely been the year of the Switch remix. If dirty house music isn’t your thing then close your ears because he’s made some of the filthiest house sounds around!

Dave is a hip hop freak from Ladbroke Grove in London with an ear for tracky beats and and filthy synth basslines. He’s the man behind numerous shady records and some genius official ones. Switch has been championed by the heavy hitters in the dance music world such as Masters at Work, Gilles Peterson, Phil Asher, Rainer Truby, Tom Middleton and Ashley Beedle. His cheeky cut-up approach to production is building him quite a reputation as a consistently fresh, risk-taking quirkster who delivers quality cuts with an pinch of funk and soul combined with some deep and booming bass sounds, all of which continuously impress the underground elite.

Although I don’t always play the tougher sounds in my sets, I often drop the Switch classic “A Bit Patchy” and it will instantly blow up the dancefloor. The appeal of the Switch sound is that he makes accessible, twisted tracks that are influenced from the house sounds of Basement Jaxx, through the glitchy hip-hop of Prefuse 73 via US hip-hop from the Neptunes and US house from Kenny Dope. You’ll find influences in his tunes from all dance music genres and he’s never one to pigeon hole himself.

In between all of his remixing Dave also manages to run his own Dubsided label which acts as an outlet for his distinctive dirty, glitchy house music and other twisted house producers.

Some classic Switch tunes and remixes that you should get hold of are:

  • Switch – A Bit Patchy – A cheeky dirty house bootleg of The Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache”. A massive b-boy classic cut up for the modern day dancefloors.
  • The Futureheads – Worry About It Later (Switch Remix) – One of my favourite indie bands gets cut up to f*ck and combined with the Switch dirty bass sounds and dirty electro drums. A filthy remix and a dirty dancefloor favourite.
  • Fatboy Slim – Champion Sound (Switch Remix) – Norman’s reggae-fueled hip-hop joint gets twisted into an old school monster!
  • Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix) – Heavy reverb, squeaking synths, bangin beats and funky horn stabs. What more can you ask for?

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  1. A Bit Patchy is quality, as is the Champion Sound remix but I can’t say I’m a fan of Bump – seemed a bit too monotonous for my liking.

    Each to their own though.

    (The funny thing about A Bit Patchy is I always picture the Fresh Prince and Carlton dancing to that breakdown for some reason. I dread to think what episode it was in and why they were doing it, but it was classic comedy from yesteryear and swear its the same sample!)

  2. There have been a few dodgy remixes yes but on the whole I think he’s a great producer. Avoid his Lilly Allen remix with the mobile phone rings in it though! They’re bloody annoying.

  3. i find switch and his mixes has found his way into my flip flop collection, well mostly a bit patchy, i have the grrove cutters mix, the original mix, and eric prydz mix, all singles lol, talk about hitting the wallet hardcore….n e ways, it was a well written blurp does Switch justice.. nice work

  4. You really like the term “dirty” to describe tunes. Is it because maybeee you eez a leedel beet dirteee? Maybeee you like me – AH LAK YOU!

  5. I love it deep and dirty Getklex!