News : A Christmas present for your favourite DJ?

 Friday, December 1st 2006, 11:07 am

Diamond turntable ring

Are you stuck for what to buy your beloved DJ partner for Christmas? Look no further than this 18kt gold turntable ring encrusted with black and gold diamonds. It looks like it’s made by one of the most famous jewellers in America, Jacob Arabo. He makes custom jewellery for all of the famous rappers, singers and producers in the hip-hop world so expect to see Pharrel Williams or P-Diddy rocking this bling at a party in the near future.

But seriously, who would wear it? It’s horrible! So don’t go buying it for me because you love the podcasts so much!

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  1. Nice, very bling…

    Alternately, you could also buy your favourite DJ the petrol-powered turntable featured on this site: … powered by a 2.5cc engine as we know them from RC Cars.

    Don’tcha love gadgets…

  2. Nice! Which one are you buying me for Christmas then Kev? 😉

  3. All I want for christmas is a pair of cdj1000 mk3’s!! The owner of the Vodka Bar in Cheltenham has splashed out on four of these beauties and I’ve fallen in love with them! I somehow don’t think the wife will stump up £1400 to get them for me as a present, so it looks like I’ll have to start saving hard!

  4. I’d like a pair of them too mate but I think I’d have a similar problem! Plus my house is too small for any more kit.

  5. Hey Marc,
    where do you get this pic of my ring? It was a present to my wedding from my wife!! So there´s just one of it in the f…ing world!
    Greetz from Germany!!

  6. I broke into your house to steal some records Markus but I found this instead! 😉