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 Sunday, December 24th 2006, 10:50 pm
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Date: 24th December 2006
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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year again when I bring some funky house tunes and dirty electro and leave it under the Christmas tree. Episode #25 of the DJ Cruze podcast will be appearing in your podcatcher on Christmas morning. It’s a lot better than that lump of coal you received last year for being a naughty boy or girl!

As promised, it features the cheeky DJ Cruze Funkfinders remix of the Eartha Kitt classic “Santa Baby”. I’ve only used a little bit of the vocal but I hope I’ve turned it into a funky house tune that you’ll enjoy. Check out the other funky tracks from the likes of Stonebridge, Olav Basoski, the Soul Avengerz and Raul Rincon. It’s like a who’s who of the most famous house producers at the moment! Enjoy!

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As always I love to hear your feed back on the show. Contact me using the form provided and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I’m always looking for new tunes to play on the show so if you’re an up and coming producer who’s looking for some exposure then let me know and if I like the tunes, I’ll play them.

Here is the tracklisting for the show:

  • DJ Cruze exclusive:
    • Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby (DJ Cruze Funkfinders Remix) – CDR
  • DJ Cruze chart rundown:
    • Cafe Groove – Why U Wanna Do Me Wrong? (Soul Avengerz Vocal Mix) – Hit! Records
    • Stonebridge – SOS (Stonebridge RMX) – CDR
    • A Lee – Electric Passion (Original Mix) – Oxyd
    • Just Jack – Starz In Their Eyes (Trophy Twins Mix) – Mercury Records
    • Basoski & Romano – No One – Rootz Records
    • Tyken – Every Word (Club Mix) – Hed Kandi
    • Wi-Fi – Be Without You (Raul Rincon Mix) – AATW
    • Starzoom – Billie Jean (Dave Moureaux Remix) – Gusto Records
    • Dannii Minogue – He’s The Greatest Dancer (Chris Lake Remix) – AATW
  • Cruze classic from 1995:
    • Paula Abdul – Crazy Cool (Strike’s Dub) – Virgin

Oh and don’t forget to check out the website over Christmas for the six mini-mixes of Christmas! Yet more great mixes for you to download. Merry Christmas!

12 comments about this post

  1. hey marc,
    Merry Christmas to you.Thank a lot for the new Christmas podcast.
    is really wicked i like it…it is more elektro..rocks 🙂
    Thanks for the shout out on the schow…:-)
    Have fun this christmas…and i hope to see you next year in

    cheers Florian (Karlsruhe)

  2. Merry Christmas!
    Cool Christmas Bootleg man lovin´ the bassline and the piano sounds.
    Hope to hear more “Funkfinders” productions in 2007.
    All the best!
    speak soon,

  3. Thanks and merry Christmas guys!

  4. Thx for new podcast.
    Cafe Groove – Why U Wanna Do Me Wrong – GREAT TUNE!
    Merry X-MAS for everyone.

  5. Hi Mate, cheers for putting those tunes on your latest podcast for me to check out. They are quality remixes by Raul Rincon and the Soul Avengers. Another superb podcast mate!

  6. DJ Maxigas – What a massive tune that Cafe Groove is! I’m loving it too.

    Andy – No problems mate!

  7. hi mate, quick question. does your promo disc of simmons & chrsitophers “Weekend” have the Raul Rincon remix on it? if so is it any good?

  8. It’s a great piano remix mate and I’ve stuck it on my piano mini-mix for you so check it out tomorrow when it goes live.


  10. Haha! Nice one Dom! Hope that you’ve not got too much of a hangover in the morning!

  11. Hey Marc…

    I LOVED this podcast. I listened to it on a 5 hour drive up to visit some family the day after Christmas. What a great mix. I liked it so much I made my aunt listen to it on the way back down. I’m checking out your Christmas mixes now… better late than never… It’s so great to know that good music is available out there!

    Keep em comin’

  12. Thanks Amanda!

    I’m glad you’re loving the tunes and I hope your aunt liked them too!
    Stay subscribed for more great music in the future.