News : James Brown is dead

 Monday, December 25th 2006, 8:43 am

James Brown - The godfather of soul

Sadly, LA Style’s classic rave anthem “James Brown Is Dead” has come true today as the godfather of soul passed away early this morning. Sad new for a Christmas morning.

I got into soul music in my late teens after realising that loads of the hip-hop tracks that were around at the time sampled soul and funk music. James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” must have been the most over-used and most sampled breakbeat of the mid 80s to early 90s and you’ll definitely hear a James Brown sample on most hip-hop tracks from the 80s. In fact, I’ve just found a list of loads of people who sampled it here. Nice!

He influenced all generations from the 50s through to now and I found this great quote from him from the Associated Press:

“Disco is James Brown, hip-hop is James Brown, rap is James Brown; you know what I’m saying? You hear all the rappers, 90 percent of their music is me,” he told the AP in 2003

I think that says it all really.

James Brown will be sadly missed. May the godfather of soul rest in peace.

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  1. right Mr.Cruze…everybody will miss the godfather of soul, his samples are in many many tunes! May he rest in peace!!!

    take care

  2. Rest In Peace – a true legend. He will be sadly missed…


  3. I echo the thoughts of Pete, a unique character. I still play tunes from his ‘Hell’ album when I’m doing a funky soul set.

  4. True indeed guys.

    Rob – I’d like to hear a funky soul set from you sometime mate.

  5. Escause me, my english is very bad.

    Ha muerto un mito de la talla de Elvis Presley o Bob Marley; no hay duda. Esperemos que alegre a los que están en el cielo con sus canciones como antes lo hizo en la tierra.

    Descansa en paz, querido James.

  6. Thanks for those kind Spanish words Spanish boy.
    Doing a quick conversion:

    “A myth of the stature of Elvis Presley or Bob Marley has died; there is no doubt. Let us hope that it cheers to that they are in the sky with his songs as before it did it in the Earth. Rest peacefully, dear James.”

  7. I’ll see if I can put a decent one together for the podcast. I usually just play them down at the Vodka Bar on a quiet night, so no one really notices the poor mixing (they’re buggers to mix!) ;o)

  8. That would be great mate. Yeah, with soul stuff mixing is a bit more tricky. If I’m playing it I normally do a scratched drop in or just a quick fade.