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 Wednesday, December 27th 2006, 7:00 pm
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Mixed: December 2006
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The first mix in my Christmas mini-mix series brings you a warm up mix. It’s 10pm. You haven’t left the house yet but you want some tunes to get you in the mood. What do you do? Turn on your PC (or your CD player if you’ve ripped this mix) and turn up the funky warm up mix!

Kicking off the mix is Dutch producer Mischa Daniels with his funky “Take Me Higher”. Sweden’s master producer Stonebridge remixes this and gives us a funky bassline, some mellow keys and a great start to the mix. After this we’ve got the emotive piano mix of Just Jack‘s “Starz in their Eyes” by The Trophy Twins. It takes a bit of getting used to if you’re not used to his urban poetry style (think The Streets but a bit more musical when he sings) but I’m loving this remix. Reminds me of the early 90s deep house stuff that I used to love.

I’ve then stuck in one of my tunes of the year. I’m obviously a massive fan of Raul Rincon, just check out my charts, and he has turned “Life Begins” by The Energies into an amazing piano tune. The electric pianos and reversed vocals build up the tune nicely until he drops his killer piano riff. Lovely work! I could listen to this tune on repeat all day. Well maybe not all day but at least for a couple of hours! It’s a pity his website insists on opening full screen though!

Following that we have a funky tune from some new UK producers called Kingpinz with their new track “Need You Tonight”. Some funky pads and a chunky bassline give this a place in my box. Finally, we’ve got one of the hottest production teams of 2006 – The Soul Seekerz. They’ve had a fantastic year, with what seems like hundreds of remixes, and “Party For The Weekend” tops it off nicely for them.

So there you go. The first Christmas mini-mix. Hope you enjoyed it and keep your eyes on the website for the next mix in a couple of days.


  1. Mischa Daniels – Take Me Higher (Stonebridge Mix) – Boss Records
  2. Just Jack – Starz In Their Eyes (Trophy Twins Mix) –
  3. The Energies – Life Begins (Raul Rincon Dub) –
  4. Kingpinz – Need You Tonight (Original Mix) – Cayenne Records
  5. Soul Seekerz – Party For The Weekend (Vocal Mix) – Positiva Records

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11 comments about this post

  1. Mr Cruze, first of all: merry xmas to you and your wife. Short mix, but I had to give a clear TEN! Great songs and (maybe for the first time) the sound quality is excellent (128). Thx Marc, can’t wait for the forthcoming mixes!

    STefan F

  2. Thanks mate.

    I always do the mixes at 128 kbps because I get less downloads (as they aren’t downloaded automatically). I would like to do the podcasts at the same quality but with the number of downloads it could end up costing me even more for the bandwidth!

  3. That’s quite reasonable. Thanks for the info Marc. Keep up the great work!

  4. You could always try getting sponsored to help cover the costs of increase bandwidth… “This high-quality DJ Cruze podcast is brought to you by Sony Playstation 3” 😉

    Peas, Happy merrythings… Me’s off to Ireland tomorrow, yay!


  5. I was wondering whether to have a high quality podcast feed which people could donate some money to get access to. What do you think?

  6. sounds like a plan to me mate… can’t really loose any cash trying it out to see how the feedback is… only dodgy side is that even though they may only be promos and even though you only play part of the tune and do voice-overs etc., people would start paying to download what you play. It could attract unwanted attention, if you get my drift.

  7. hey Marc,

    give me more mixes…
    it rocks.:-)

    Florian (Karlsruhe)

  8. As a famous international man of mystery once said…”Yeah, baby, yeeaahhh”.

  9. Kev – Yeah I agree mate. Unwanted attention isn’t something I want! 😉

    Florian – They’re coming man! Just mastering the electro mix as we speak. Will be online in 20 minutes from now.

  10. Out of all six mies i think the Warm-Up joint is the best… plus i recognize most tha songs… great idea to do six miny mixes… i like the idea behind that 🙂 Keep it poppin Cruze!

  11. I’m glad you’re liking it Joel and it’s good to see you commenting on the site. Happy new year!