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 Friday, December 29th 2006, 9:25 am
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Mixed: December 2006
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Time for the second DJ Cruze Christmas mini-mix and what better way to work off all of the extra Christmas food that you’ve eaten than with a dirty electro mix. This mix starts off with the dirty electro Speaker Junk remix of Basement Jaxx‘s “Take Me Back To Your House”. It sound like one of the dubbier mixes that the Jaxx boys used to do of their own tunes and it sounds awesome in a club.

I’ve then stuck a tune which I originally hated but then grew to love after I heard it in a mix that someone gave me. It’s by a Dutch hip-hop collective called D.J.V.T. and it has been transformed into an 8-bit wonder by one of my favourite DJs, and ex-Wise Guy, DJ Touche. Layered with booming synth basslines and 8-bit synth stabs this works really well for my harder dancefloors. I’ve got no idea what the lyrics are though! Perhaps one of my Dutch fans can tell me.

Continuing the hip-house and Dutch theme we’ve then got Don Diablo‘s “Blow” as remixed by another hot Dutch DJ and producer Sebastien Leger. Sebastien has been on a roll this year and his dirty electro tunes rip the dancefloors up. This is followed up by another hot remix by Sebastien with his wicked acid-tinged remix of Lorraine‘s “Heaven”. Filtered electro at its best!

We’ve then got something unexpected. Yes, the dulcet tones of Mick Hucknall and Simply Red! Sweet Connection have turned this into a killer tune by minimal use of the vocals and some great building synths. This is followed by a horrible cheesy tune in its original form but Dave Moreaux has turned the Michael Jackson remake of “Billie Jean” by Starzoom into a chunky and glitchy electro tune. I’m loving this remix of it.

Finally, we’ve got a fantastic production and remix of Scissor Sisters “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by Paper Faces aka Mr. Stuart Price, Les Rhythmes Digitals, Jacques Lu Cont, Thin White Duke, Man With Guitar etc. A man of many guises but an excellent producer as Madonna will attest I’m sure. Using repetitive vocal snippets, great pads and a cheeky square-waved synth bassline this is a great tune to end the mix.


  1. Basement Jaxx – Take Me Back To Your House (Speaker Junk Remix) – XL Recordings
  2. D.J.V.T. – Watskeburt (Touche Instrumental Mix) – Nebula Records
  3. Don Diablo – Blow (Sebastien Leger Remix) – Salacious
  4. Lorraine – Heaven (Sebastien Leger Remix) – Waterfall Records
  5. Simply Red – Oh What A Girl (Sweet Connection Dub Mix) – SimplyRed.com
  6. Starzoom – Billie Jean (Dave Moureaux Remix) – Gusto Records
  7. Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ (Paper Faces Mix) – Polydor

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  1. rocks,rocks,rocks,rocks

    You see me in the matrix 🙂 you know????

    cheers Florian (Karlsruhe)

  2. Marc, you are the best!!
    Phantastic mixes!!!



  3. Florian – Thanks man! Glad you’re loving the tunes.

    Alex – Thanks! Look out for some more mixes in the next few days.

  4. Is it possible to have the mixes on their own RSS feed rather then just standalone downloads? It’s cool to be able to have these long tracks remember where they are up to on the iPod – a feature that I think only works with PodCast tracks.

    Or if someone can point me in the direction of setting these tracks up to be pausable like PodCast tracks, that would be great.

    Great mixes btw

  5. Hey Daniel,

    There should be no difference between the podcast tracks and the mixes as they are both MP3s.
    I’ve got no plans for an RSS feed for the mixes at the moment as I would like people to come to the site for them and comment on them.


  6. Yeah. Cool.

    There’s just a difference in the way that iTunes deals with them. Cos you can resume the podcast tracks at the same place you left off, whereas mp3s that aren’t wrapped up in podcasts always start at the beginning. Anyway, I’ll have a dig around some iPod forums.

    Looking forward to listening to the Piano mix – my favourite style of house.

  7. Ok Daniel. I’ll have a look and see if I can sort it out for you too.

  8. Hey, long time fan! im loving ur mix, but you couldnt tell where i could get my hands on the D.V.J.T tune, i cant find it anywhere! Thanks Cruzy!

  9. Hey Luke,

    I got sent the D.J.V.T. track on a promo so I’m not sure where to get it. Have you checked out the links section of my site and tried the download stores?

  10. yo man, loving the mix….

    but to be honest ive got the same prob as LuKe, looked for the touche remix of watskeburt everywhere and its just impossible to find, for any price! any more ideas?

    feel free to email it to me, lol.

    Thanks dude.

  11. I’ll check it out and try and find it for you.
    It must be available somewhere!

  12. i need to find that track. is there anyway you could attach it over e-mail?

  13. Sorry but I don’t email any promos to anyone.